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Recently, ZEEKR Automobile announced that its new model, CS1e, is officially named ZEEKR 007. In addition, ZEEKR’s first sedan, 007, will be unveiled and pre-sold at the Guangzhou Auto Show, which opens on November 17. The ZEEKR 007 will be based on the PMA2+ platform and will support advanced driving assistance, so there is a liDAR device on the roof.

As a new luxury brand, ZEEKR has currently released four models: ZEEKR 001, ZEEKR 009, ZEEKR X, and ZEEKR 001 FR. However, these four cars are not considered mainstream models. But ZEEKR has successfully built them into benchmarks in the segment.

Extremely ZEEKR-style control, extremely ZEEKR-style safety, and extremely ZEEKR-style luxury. The “ZEEKR-style” labels, one after another, are the honest feedback from the market on ZEEKR-style products.

ZEEKR 007-1

This time, ZEEKR is finally launching a model for the mainstream family sedan market – ZEEKR 007. According to the current official information, ZEEKR 007 has a perfect car height of 1450mm, an ultra-long wheelbase of 2928mm, and a 1/2 golden wheel-to-height ratio. It also has an integrated intelligent light screen that is smarter than the Audi A8 Horch version. It also supports custom light language settings.

ZEEKR 007-3

What’s even more interesting is that this new car is not only named “007”, but the official poster also uses famous scenes from the movie “007”. It is difficult not to make people wonder whether ZEEKR 007 will be a joint work of the movie “007”. No wonder some netizens are teasing that the real “ZEEKR King” is coming.

Judging from the name with its own “protagonist aura” and the little information revealed so far, ZEEKR 007 may be here to “save” the family sedan Marketing.

ZEEKR 007-2

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