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ZEEKR  is an emerging representative in the field of new energy vehicles in China. It stands out for its excellent handling, excellent safety and strong range performance.

It is equipped with advanced suspension system and electric drive technology to ensure smooth driving and can easily face various road conditions. Incorporate advanced safety technologies into vehicle design to provide comprehensive protection for drivers.

Import ZEEKR cars to experience the cutting-edge innovation of electric vehicles in China, providing environmentally friendly and high-performance mobility solutions directly from the East, enhancing your driving experience.

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Committed to providing high-performance and intelligent electric vehicles

From high-performance coupes to urban SUVs and multi-functional MPVs to meet the needs of different consumers. Whether you are pursuing driving pleasure, city life or family travel, ZEEKR Auto is committed to providing advanced electric travel solutions.

ZEEKR 001 FR - Luxury Hunting Supercar

ZEEKR-001FR appearance

Peak Power

High-performance permanent magnet synchronous four-motor, carbon fiber wrapped rotor, 100kWh pole-core battery pack.

ZVC ZEEKR Torque Vector Control

The maximum lateral G value during cornering is 1.4G. By accurately controlling the four-wheel torque output, driving stability and cornering limit capabilities are improved.

Carbon Fiber Aerodynamic Kit

Carbon fiber windbreaker front lip, carbon fiber side skirt air splitter, carbon fiber rear aerodynamic diffuser, carbon fiber wind blade gliding sports rear wing, carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber exterior mirror housing.

Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Speed
Maximum Power
Maximum Torque

ZEEKR 007 - Pure Electric Luxury Sedan

ZEEKR 007 2023 appearance-1

Luxurious Suspended Roof Design

The connection point between the A-pillar and the body is perfectly wrapped in the front hatch, and the roof extends continuously from the front to the rear of the car, which is smooth and luxurious. 1.69m² ultra-large nano-silver-plated privacy dome with broad view.

One-piece Die-cast Rear End Aluminum Body

The rigidity of the entire vehicle has been greatly improved, and the deformation of the vehicle body during a rear impact is reduced by 16%. Improved processes, reducing 84 parts and 820 welds.

35.5-inch AR-HUD Head-up Display System

35.5-inch super-large imaging area, while imaging colors are more delicate and gorgeous. No matter under the scorching sun, in a tunnel or in rain or snow, the display in various environments is clearly visible.

[Magic Pen] Canvas Real-time Light Screen

The first customizable front face, you can draw any pattern you like. Welcome interaction, supports multiple light languages. A car with a thousand faces.

CLTC Comprehensive Operating Mileage
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
610 km
15min Maximum Recharge Mileage
12.5 kwh
Lowest Power Consumption Per 100 Kilometers

ZEEKR 001 - Luxury Hunting Coupe


Premium Comfortable Interior

Monaco Nappa full-grain first-layer leather seats, Microfiber velvet ceiling, Alcantara fur technology, three-zone constant temperature air conditioning, intelligent fragrance system.

High Performance Chassis System

Fully automatic air suspension system, variable steering ratio system, providing a large steering gear transmission ratio, higher steering precision and stability.

New Generation Smart Cockpit

8155 intelligent cockpit computing platform, AI Mate intelligent assistant, 14.7-inch aircraft cabin HUD system, EC light-sensing canopy.

Full Scene OTA

The entire vehicle supports all-scenario upgrades in four major areas: chassis domain, intelligent driving domain, cockpit domain, and body domain, always keeping the latest status.

Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Dual Motor Peak Power
Motor Maximum Speed
Maximum Efficiency

ZEEKR X - Compact SUV


Compact Luxury Interior

Warm and cold two-color soft light reading lamp, Microfiber super fiber velvet ceiling, Ice Block ice crystal ambient light, YAMAHA surround stereo advanced sound.

Rubik's Cube Space

4D cloud zero-gravity seats (exclusive for four seats), electric sliding smart screen (exclusive for four seats), smart and smart center island, electric folding rear seat cushions (exclusive for four seats) *Not standard on every version

Interactive Cockpit

Intelligent B-pillar interactive system, AR-HUD aircraft cabin head-up display system, triple temperature control island refrigerator.

ZEEKR Control

Lightning switching intelligent four-wheel drive system, high-performance permanent magnet synchronous electric drive system, high-performance braking system,

Five-star Safety Standards

“Eight-Gong grid” battery anti-collision structure, all-round airbag protection, ZEEKR AD intelligent driving assistance system.

Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Cruising Range
100-0km/h Braking Distance

ZEEKR 009 - Native’s First Pure Electric Luxury MPV

Equipped with Smart Front Grille

The personalized and evolveable “Fountain of Light” interacts with lights to achieve the ultimate integration of light and beauty in different scenarios.

Large Flat Floor

Sofaro first-class airline seats, Soft NAPPA hidden table, intelligent multi-color surround ambient lighting, 15.6-inch central ceiling screen.

720° Global Protection

128kN top pressure protection, one-piece die-cast rear-end aluminum body, “ten-grid” battery anti-collision structure, 70L safety side curtain airbags.

Intelligent Driving System

7 8-megapixel high-definition cameras, 4 2-megapixel surround-view cameras, 1 250m ultra-long-range millimeter-wave radar; two 7nm process Mobileye EyeQ5H high-performance chips.

ZEEKR Style Control

World’s first 140kWh CTP3.0 Kirin battery, high-performance air suspension package.

Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Cruising Range
Shortest Braking Time Per 100km
Drag Coefficient

ZEEKR 001 China’s Hottest Model, Your Ultimate Travel Choice

In July 2023, ZEEKR delivered 12,039 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 140%. Among them, ZEEKR 001 became the top seller of pure electric vehicles with a sales volume of more than 300,000 yuan from January to July.


ZEEKR 001 is a model equipped with air suspension as standard in all series. It has a larger battery, more space, and air suspension as standard in all series.


The controllability of ZEEKR 001 can be described as “luxury”, and the mechanical quality is excellent. The chassis is extremely high, and it also takes into account comfort. The comfort of Ji Krypton 001 is one of the biggest features of this car, and its power cannot be underestimated.


Faced with such a new energy vehicle, can you not be tempted?

This is Why Overseas Car Owners Favor ZEEKR

ZEEKR cars provide drivers and passengers with a luxurious, safe and satisfying driving experience. Its interior, power system and safety performance have made ZEEKR one of the high-profile brands in China’s new energy vehicle manufacturing industry.

High Quality Materials

ZEEKR uses high-quality materials to create the interior, such as selected leathers, real wood veneers and high-grade synthetic materials.

Intelligent multimedia control

Equipped with a large touch screen and digital instrument panel, it provides intuitive information display and multimedia control, and is connected to smartphones and the Internet to achieve a highly intelligent driving experience.

Premium Seats

Comfortable seat design, including multiple electric adjustment functions, seat heating and ventilation systems to provide riding comfort.

High-performance motor

ZEEKR cars are equipped with a powerful electric drive system that provides excellent acceleration performance and high-speed stability, making driving exciting.

Intelligent driving mode

Includes a variety of driving modes, such as sports mode, energy-saving mode and automatic driving assistance mode, providing a diverse driving experience according to driving needs.

Collision Prevention System

Using advanced sensors and cameras, it can identify obstacles ahead, predict the risk of collision, and take emergency braking measures to avoid a collision.

Autonomous driving assistance

ZEEKR cars are equipped with automatic driving assistance technology, including adaptive cruise control and lane keeping systems, providing a higher level of driving assistance and safety.

Intelligent safety system

It has blind spot monitoring, intersection warning, automatic parking assistance and other functions, providing comprehensive safety protection.

FAQs about Importing ZEEKR Cars from China

What is the minimum order quantity for your ZEEKR car? Can one be exported?

In order to allow car owners from all over the world to experience the power of China’s extreme krypton, we do not have a minimum order quantity. Even if it is just one car, we will provide you with complete car export services.

How to go through customs clearance procedures after importing a ZEEKR car?

Customs clearance procedures usually include providing correct import documents such as invoices, certificates of origin, customs clearance declarations and paying relevant taxes. You can work with a professional import agent or customs clearance service provider who will assist you with the necessary customs clearance procedures.

Is the charging equipment of ZEEKR Car compatible with oversea standards?

ZEEKR cars are generally compatible with multiple charging standards, but you may need to check whether the charging device is compatible with your country’s charging infrastructure. Sometimes, you may need to use an adapter or change the charging cable.

Do imported ZEEKR cars require additional insurance?

Importing ZEEKR cars usually requires purchasing car insurance applicable to the destination country. You should contact your local insurance company to learn about relevant insurance policies and requirements.

How to deal with the registration and licensing issues of imported vehicles?

Registration and licensing issues for imported vehicles may vary by country. You can contact your local transportation department or vehicle registration agency to learn how to register your vehicle and obtain a legal license plate.

Do imported ZEEKR cars need to undergo special safety inspections?

Depending on the regulations of different countries, imported vehicles may require safety inspection and certification.

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