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Recently, ZEEKR Motors officially released high-definition pictures of ZEEKR 007 without camouflage, exposing the actual car. It is understood that this new car is personally led by former Audi/Bentley designer Stefan Sielaff and presents a new family-style design language. The price is expected to start at 250,000 yuan, and pre-sales will begin during the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 17.

ZEEKR 007 Official photos-2

What we can see from ZEEKR 007 Official pictures

Based on its appearance, ZEEKR 007 differs from the family-style design of ZEEKR models on sale. The traditional front hood daytime running lights are cancelled in the front part of the car, and a 90-inch giant screen light strip composed of 1,711 high-power LED lamp beads is used. The roof has a watchtower-type lidar, indicating that the new car will support high-end intelligent assisted driving.

Several waistlines outline the slender body posture on the side of the car body, and the wheel eyebrows are slightly raised, creating the visual effect of a small and wide body. The black components on the left and right front fenders are expected to be two other lidars. Then the car’s rear part is equipped with pseudo-through-type taillights, and the light group is cut off in the middle. The new car’s wheelbase is 2928mm, and is positioned as a mid-sized sedan. The specific size parameters will be announced later.

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Highlights of ZEEKR 007

One of the highlights of ZEEKR 007 is integrating technology and intelligence through an integrated smart light screen. It supports multiple functions such as customized light language, intelligent target shielding, 360-degree panoramic light coverage, ADB adaptive high beam, etc. This has made many netizens marvel at ZEEKR 007, and 007 is built own the PMA2+ platform and uses an 800V high-voltage architecture and SiC silicon carbide technology.

It is expected to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 car chip and an intelligent driving solution with three lidars. So this new car is expected to reverse the “poor intelligence” brand. This led many netizens to jokingly call it time for Audi, the “light factory”, to abdicate.

ZEEKR 007 Official pictures-4
ZEEKR 007 Official pictures-5

ZEEKR 007 has a novel and unique appearance design and a full sense of technology. It will attract the attention and expectations of many car fans at the Guangzhou Auto Show. Please contact us if you have any questions after looking at the ZEEKR 007 Official pictures.

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