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Xpeng Motors, as a new energy vehicle manufacturer in China, is committed to creating intelligent, high-performance electric vehicles. The entire series of models combines excellent electric technology, advanced intelligent interconnection and outstanding design to provide users with a green, efficient and exciting travel experience.

You can consider importing Xpeng Motors to enjoy the driving pleasure of electric vehicles. Experience the quiet electric power, intelligent driving assistance and zero-emission driving pleasure for yourself. Choose Xpeng and explore the future of electric travel.

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Xpeng Motors
medium car
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type rear drive
Xpeng Motors
medium car
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type front drive
Xpeng Motors
Medium and large SUV
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type rear drive
Xpeng Motors
mid-size SUV
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type rear drive
Xpeng Motors
compact SUV
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type front drive

Explore the Models of Xpeng


Intelligent Evolution "Fuyao" Architecture

Compatible with all types of products, high-end smart travel experience will be “standard”.


Compatible with wheelbases from 1,800 to 3,200mm, it can expand the range of products in all body shapes such as sedans, hatchbacks, and sports coupes.

Xpeng G6 - Super Smart Driving Coupe SUV


Electric Release Door Opening Button

Xpeng’s first model uses an electric door opening button, making getting in and out of the car more technological and ritualistic.

Family Happy Space

Fold down 180° to transform into a lounge; 2890mm long wheelbase and width, suitable for rear headroom; multifunctional seats can be folded down flexibly to expand the trunk space to 1374L.

Full-scenario Intelligent Assisted Driving

Urban NGP intelligent navigation assisted driving; high-speed NGP intelligent navigation assisted driving; VPA-L parking lot memory parking.

3 Driving Modes

Standard mode; comfort mode; sport mode.

13 Active Safety Configurations

6 side active safety items; 5 forward active safety items; 2 rear active safety items.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

Xpeng P7i - Super Smart Coupe


New Technology Interior

Newly designed multifunctional leather steering wheel; Galaxy spiral door panel trim; New island design.

Advanced Comfort Cabin

Standard equipment for all series: Nappa first-layer leather seats; front and rear slow rebound adaptive seats; front seat heating/ventilation/memory, rear seat heating; intelligent fragrance system.

Full Scene Voice 2.0

All-vehicle, full-time; extremely fast conversation; no network conversation.

Top Driving Control

Front virtual kingpin double wishbone rear five-link structure; full mid-mounted motor design; BOSCH braking system; SACHS professional shock absorber.

Intelligent Four-wheel Drive Torque Distribution System

Daily commuting, full-time rear wheel drive; complex road conditions, intelligent four-wheel drive.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

Xpeng G9 - Luxury Pure Electric SUV


Seat Comfort Configuration

The front seats are heated, ventilated, and massaged; the passenger seat is equipped with calf rests and smart beauty mirrors; the rear seats are electrically adjustable, support heated massage, and are equipped with elephant-trunk thigh rests.

Super Fast Charge

Charging from 10% to 80% enters the era of 15 minutes; the fastest charging is 5 minutes, and the battery life is increased by 200km+.

Third Space Extension

Expand the life scenes of people and vehicles. It is a professional powder room and a five-star king bed room that provides peace of mind for rest.

5D Music Cockpit

Equipped with Dynaudio Confidence advanced sound system, 28 adjusted units, 2250W high-power Pioneer amplifier.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Shortest Braking Time Per 100km

Xpeng P5 - Comfortable Smart Home Sedan

Intelligent Assisted Driving

Dual lidar, the longest detection range is 150m²; up to 32 sensing sensors, stronger sensing capabilities; new urban NGP, high-speed NGP enhanced version.

New Intelligent AI Interaction

15.6-inch touch screen and 12.3-inch LCD dial; third-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 7nm manufacturing process, 8-core design; full-scenario voice.

Star Orbit Surrounding Cockpit

Embrace-style design; aviation headrests, volumetric door panels; 1.493m transparent panoramic canopy roof.

High Performance and High Safety Battery

IP68 waterproof; wet and dry separation design.

Worry-free Security

Rich active safety performance; high rigidity body; SCM secondary collision mitigation.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

Xpeng G3i - Urban SUV


Smart Parking

Multiple scene coverage, no parking problems; multiple control methods, key/mobile phone parking, voice control parking, and one-click summoning of parking spaces.

Xmart OS 2.0

Continuous voice dialogue in all scenes, visible and spoken; semantic interruption, dual-tone zone lock; open intelligent ecosystem.

Super Powerful Hardware

12.3-inch instrument, 15.6-inch central control screen.

Rich Configuration

Mobile phone Bluetooth key, smart car search, electric tailgate, multi-function exterior mirrors, V2L external discharge function; Nappa seats, seat heating/ventilation, remote air conditioning control, electric lumbar adjustment.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

Xpeng - Diversified Product Matrix

Xpeng’s diverse product matrix covers various travel scenarios. Whether you are a city dweller, a housewife or a senior business person, Xpeng Auto has a model that suits you. Xpeng Automobile has invested huge resources and energy in the fields of autonomous driving, battery technology, intelligent interconnection and artificial intelligence, with a cumulative R&D investment of US$12.5 billion.

In addition, Xpeng Automobile has built its own intelligent manufacturing production base and adopted lean production methods to manufacture high-quality electric vehicles. As of the end of 2022, Xpeng users still maintain rapid growth, with historical cumulative deliveries exceeding 250,000 vehicles.

Reasons for Recommending Xpeng Cars

By choosing Xpeng Motors, you will own a high-performance electric vehicle that integrates technology, intelligence and green travel concepts, opening up a more convenient and enjoyable travel life.

Self-developed intelligent assistance

Continuously improving self-developed software architecture, fully closed loop, self-growing AI and data system, and plans to launch intelligent assisted driving system XNGP and deep visual neural network XNET

Full scene voice 2.0

No need for wake-up words, millisecond-level response, you can do what you say; 120s of uninterrupted dialogue, multiple instructions can be executed simultaneously; Intelligent recognition of four-tone zones, multiple people’s instructions will not disturb each other; also available without network, all 600+ functions of the whole car are available.

Overcharging platform

The supercharging platform uses the third generation semiconductor SiC, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of high-voltage components and electric drive components, making long-distance driving stress-free. It can charge 10%~80%3 in as fast as 20 minutes, and the charging power of ordinary piles is more than doubled.

Luxurious interior space

The luxurious mobile starry sky room can customize the scene according to individual needs to create a more convenient and inspired life.

Comprehensively improved driving experience

Front and rear integrated aluminum die-casting technology; CIB battery body integration, both safety and comfort; compatible with a variety of suspension systems

Intelligent interconnection

Xpeng Motors’ in-car entertainment system and intelligent interconnection functions allow drivers to enjoy a seamless connected experience. These systems support voice recognition, remote control, navigation and entertainment functions, improving driving pleasure and convenience.

High-precision sensors

In order to achieve autonomous driving and advanced driving assistance functions, Xpeng Motors is equipped with a variety of high-precision sensors, such as lidar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors, to monitor the surrounding environment in real time.

Intelligent software

Xpeng Motors’ intelligent software covers many fields such as vehicle control, navigation, entertainment, safety and vehicle diagnosis. These software are constantly updated to provide better performance and new features.

FAQs about Importing Xpeng Cars from China

How do I buy Xpeng Motors abroad?

You can select the car model you are interested in through our car export platform and contact our service staff. We will arrange a series of export matters and required documents for you.

Does Xpeng Motors comply with international safety standards?

Of course, Xpeng Motors meets international safety standards and undergoes rigorous safety testing and certification to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

What is the driving range of Xpeng Motors?

Xpeng’s driving range varies by model and configuration, but generally offers competitive range. You can check it on the website or contact service personnel for consultation.

How do I need to deal with customs duties and taxes on imported Xpeng cars?

Duty and tax policies vary from country to country. It is recommended that you consult your local customs or tax authorities before importing to understand applicable customs policies and procedures. We will also provide necessary import documentation and support.

How is Xpeng Motors’ autonomous driving function?

Xpeng Motors is equipped with an advanced autonomous driving assistance system that can implement functions such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, and traffic jam assist to improve driving comfort and safety.

Any news on Xpeng Motors’ future plans and new models?

Xpeng Motors has been constantly innovating and developing, and news about future plans and new models will be regularly released on the official website. You can also follow our latest updates to get relevant information.

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