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From a visual point of view, the Xpeng G9 is a medium to large SUV that is very suitable for home use. And the Xpeng G9 has a feature that many camping enthusiasts are looking forward to – an automatic inflatable mattress. Today, as camping culture becomes more and more popular, the G9’s automatic inflatable mattress function can turn the vehicle into a warm family camping space.

Introduction to Xpeng G9 lathe


Although the Xpeng G9 does not have a lidar on the roof, don’t think that the G9 lacks a lidar configuration. Its lidar is installed in the headlights. This design is much more beautiful in appearance, but it will also bring about another problem. If a collision occurs at the headlight position and damages the lidar, the maintenance cost will be much higher.

Introduction to Xpeng G9 lathe

On the side, the G9 uses a design with a short front overhang and a long rear overhang, making the entire side look relatively slender.

Introduction to Xpeng G9 lathe

After unlocking, the door handle will pop up automatically, which is much more convenient than ordinary hidden door handles. Although there is nothing particularly outstanding about the appearance of the Xpeng G9, it does not make you feel exaggerated and is very much in line with people’s imagination of a family car.

Introduction to Xpeng G9 lathe

Driving Experience

While driving, you can feel that the G9’s steering wheel is particularly light and flexible, with no empty space. When you step on the switch in comfort mode, the G9’s acceleration is a very linear output, and the acceleration experience is very smooth.

Introduction to Xpeng G9 lathe

If you adjust it to the sports mode, the G9’s acceleration response will be more rapid, and it will feel full of pushback. Under normal circumstances, comfort mode will be used a little more during driving.

Let’s talk about the G9’s chassis. When it passes through some road joints or some speed bumps, it can’t feel any excess road information at all. Compared with the linear output of the G9 switch, it is a little lacking in the linearity of braking. It’s fine under normal road conditions, but if you encounter a traffic jam and the distance between the cars is relatively close, a slight nodding phenomenon will also occur when you lightly apply the brakes.

I believe that if Xpeng pays attention to this aspect of braking experience, it will optimize the braking response and further enhance the driving experience.

Introduction to Xpeng G9 lathe

Space and Bed Experience

Introduction to Xpeng G9 lathe

Coming to the passenger seat, there is a special leg rest on the passenger seat. And the co-pilot also has a special function. As long as the panel of the vanity mirror is opened, lights will automatically light up around the vanity mirror, and the co-pilot entertainment screen will automatically enter a beauty space where the lighting and color temperature can be adjusted.

At the same time, the screen will display many videos from beauty bloggers. The hostess can click on the video to learn what kind of makeup she wants to wear. She was an ordinary girl when she got on the bus, and she became a female star when she got off.

When you sit in the back row, you can see that there is still two fists of space between the front seats for your legs, and there is more than two fists of space between your head and the roof of the car. There is still plenty of space. Although the G9’s panoramic canopy does not come with a pre-equipped sunshade, it does not feel sunburned under the sun, indicating that the heat insulation of the canopy is quite good.

Introduction to Xpeng G9 lathe
Introduction to Xpeng G9 lathe

Although the rear row is equipped with an air outlet, it only has manual adjustment of the air direction, and there is no button or touch screen design to adjust the air volume. As a family car, if some physical buttons are retained, the feeling in the rear row will definitely be better.

To open the rear air mattress, we need to plug the mattress plug at the rear of the car into the socket on the side, and then go to the front operation screen. We can operate according to the prompts given by the camp mode, and then remove the front headrest.

Introduction to Xpeng G9 lathe

Not only will the G9 automatically fold the rear seats flat, but the mattress will also automatically inflate, without requiring any manual operation from the owner. After the mattress is inflated, the car machine will also automatically play some music to help you sleep.

If you drive the Xpeng G9 to go camping, it is much more convenient than ordinary camping. After all, it saves you the time of setting up a tent, and you can turn on the air conditioner all night in the car. This is also one of the advantages of electric vehicles.

Introduction to Xpeng G9 lathe


As a local new energy vehicle company in Guangdong, China. Xpeng does have its unique highlights. This G9 is an excellent product for family cars. It gives car owners a great feeling in terms of space, comfort and driving experience. So if you are considering buying a pure electric SUV priced at about $36,400 yuan recently, in addition to the Model Y, you can also take a look at the Xpeng G9. If you sit in the G9 car and experience its configuration, I believe you will be fascinated by it.

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