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Xiaomi is not the first technology manufacturer to build cars. Previously, there was the pioneer of LeTV, and now there is also the joint launch of AITO by Huawei and SERES. Seeing that the sales of AITO are rising steadily, the news about Xiaomi Auto naturally attracts more attention. After all, Xiaomi and Huawei have been competing in the digital technology field for many years.

Today, the “battlefield” has changed from the digital technology field that both parties are familiar with to the automotive area, known as the industrial pearl. How will Xiaomi respond? Recently, many photos of Xiaomi vehicle ‘s body-in-white suddenly appeared on the Internet. Today, we will take a look at what information this exposed photo can bring us.

Xiaomi vehicle front view

XIAOMI new vehicle-1

Judging from the front position of the exposed body-in-white, the shape of the entire car is highly consistent with the design drawings exposed at the beginning of the year. Considering that Xiaomi vehicle will be released in the first half of next year, this styling should not change. In other details, the front part of the front longitudinal beam (red circle) should be made of cast aluminum.

And it is connected to the rear longitudinal shaft (should be a steel structure) by bolts. Such a design will bring two benefits. Firstly, the cast aluminum material has better flexibility, which can disperse the energy generated during a collision and delay the time for the energy to reach the rear; secondly, the connection through bolts can also provide a certain degree of maintainability later.

XIAOMI new vehicle-2

Reinforcement structures can also be seen behind the wheel arches. This design is mainly to improve the strength of the passenger compartment, allowing it to achieve better results in the 25% crash test. In addition, the “L113” area of Xiaomi Motors is not as tightened as that of the AITO M7. Instead, a certain width is retained to achieve a more advanced visual look as much as possible.

Xiaomi vehicle side view

XIAOMI new vehicle-3

In the side exposure picture, we can see that Xiaomi cars use the currently common frameless doors, but perhaps due to cost reasons, it does not use double-layer laminated glass. This inevitably makes people worry about its sound insulation performance. It is also worth mentioning that the window glass and B-pillar of Xiaomi vehicle are on the same plane, which makes it look more high-end.

XIAOMI new vehicle-4
XIAOMI new vehicle-5

Regarding door interior panel design, the overall shape of Xiaomi cars is relatively simple. Visual inspection shows that the main area is covered with leather, supplemented by wood grain veneer. Paired with chrome decorative edges and actual stitching, it looks exquisite. However, this door panel design style is always reminiscent of Tesla. Regarding details, Xiaomi Automobile has designed an electronically controlled door opening button at the door panel handle, and the main driver’s door does not have a rearview mirror adjustment button. It should be like Tesla, that the rearview mirror adjustment function is integrated into the car. What is also interesting is that Xiaomi Motors does not co-brand with other high-end brands like its own mobile phones. Instead, it has its own “XIAOMI” logo on the speaker cover.

Xiaomi vehicle rear view

XIAOMI new vehicle-6

The design of the car’s rear is almost the same as the previous renderings. The rapidly sliding roofline gives it a hatchback-like visual effect, and a raised ducktail is designed above the trunk. Combined with the bulging rear wheel arch and rounded lines, it looks like an Aston Martin when viewed from a 45°angle.

XIAOMI new vehicle-7

In the taillight part, looking through the splicing gaps in the camouflage cloth, it can be seen that the taillights of Xiaomi vehicle adopt a through-type design. But it assumes a “concave” shape. There is also a separate button on the bumper under the tailgate, which we speculate should be the trunk opening button. In addition, the design of the lower surround of Xiaomi cars is also relatively complex, with raised lines on the outside to create a diffuser-like shape.

XIAOMI new vehicle-8

To be honest, looking at the exterior design from the body in white, you won’t get much useful information. But if you want to judge the vehicle’s structure, observing the body in white will be the best way. First of all, judging from the leaked roof photos, Xiaomi’s new car uses an oversized panoramic sunroof design. The rear end of the sunroof is almost connected to the rear window glass. It is expected that the sunroof will extend to the position behind the heads of the second-row passengers, and there is a high probability that there will be no sunshade.

XIAOMI new vehicle-9


If you continue to look inside, you can find that there are no reinforcement ribs under the body-in-white of Xiaomi’s new car, and the width of the door sill is relatively narrow. So let’s make a bold guess. Xiaomi’s new car will most likely use CTC (Cell to Chassis) battery body integration technology. The battery and the chassis are directly integrated to jointly participate in force and torsion.

XIAOMI new vehicle-10

In the rear half of the body, you can see that the Xiaomi car’s body-in-white has no welding spots. And there are a lot of raised reinforcement structures. It can be seen that the rear half of the vehicle body uses an integrated die-casting process. This is the same as the Tesla Model Y. This design can reduce costs, improve rigidity, and reduce weight, which can be said to serve multiple purposes.

Judging from the structure of the body-in-white, we can basically conclude that Xiaomi, which is building a car for the first time, has a very deep understanding of cars. All kinds of passive safety structures and highly difficult manufacturing are all on display. It doesn’t look like a product made by a first-time car manufacturer at all. However, only the body-in-white was exposed this time.

There is currently no final conclusion on things such as suspension form, in-car intelligence, and driving experience that further reflect the strength of car manufacturing. According to Xiaomi President Lu Weibing, Xiaomi cars will be released in 2024. What kind of answer can the highly anticipated Xiaomi deliver? Let’s wait and see!

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