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The exterior design of Geely ICON is unique and charming, full of youthful atmosphere. The body size is moderate and has good urban handling performance, while the black suspended roof, 19-inch wheels and black wheel arches give the vehicle a more sporty feel. Although the taillight design is conventional, it presents a satisfactory effect when lit. In short, the appearance design of Geely ICON is eye-catching. Although not everyone can accept it, it definitely has a certain rate of turning heads.

The interior design of Geely ICON is full of personality and fashion. The layout of the center console is simple and clear, but it exudes unusual charm in color matching and design elements. The materials used in the car are exquisite and comfortable to the touch, and the frequently touched areas are wrapped in soft materials and leather, which is pleasant.

Modern elements such as the 12.3-inch central control screen, 10.25-inch LCD instrument and electronic gear lever are in line with the aesthetics of young people. In addition, rich technological configurations, such as 360-degree panoramic images, automatic parking, keyless entry and start, etc., provide drivers with a more convenient experience.

Geely ICON’s configurations are rich and colorful, meeting the needs of modern consumers. In addition to conventional configurations, it also has safety configurations such as main and passenger airbags, front side airbags, tire pressure display, active braking, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, full-speed adaptive cruise, and lane centering, ensuring driving safety. Safety of passengers.

The driving experience of Geely ICON is quite good. The chassis adopts front MacPherson and rear multi-link independent suspension structures, which provides good support and controllability for the vehicle. The vehicle is flexible when driving in the city, but the suspension may feel stiff on uneven roads, and wind and tire noise are slightly higher when driving at high speeds. Overall, the driving experience of Geely ICON is satisfactory.

Geely ICON is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 181 horsepower and a maximum torque of 290 Nm, paired with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. The power response is quick, and it has a certain explosive power when accelerating. Although the gearbox may be a little frustrated when downshifting and decelerating at low speeds, in most cases the gear changes are smooth.


Geely ICON 2023 1.5TD Protagonist Edition has a unique appearance, stylish interior, rich configurations and good power performance. Although the price is relatively high, its personality and performance are enough to attract those young people who pursue different things. If you are a young consumer who likes the design and performance of Geely ICON, then it is worth a try.

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