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On December 23, the eve of Christmas, there was breaking European news. Deutsche Welle published a report – “The Austrian government wants to buy Chinese cars. Is it a blessing or a curse?” ”, which means that the Austrian government intends to purchase electric vehicles produced by the Chinese manufacturer BYD to use them as official vehicles for its country.

Austria is located in the center of Europe, surrounded by big-name car manufacturers. The Austrian government did not choose Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, or even Volkswagen and Opel, but chose car brands from the big Eastern country. Why is this?

In order to understand why the Austrian government wants to buy BYD as an official vehicle, let’s go through it from the beginning: The Austrian Federal Procurement Office signed a new energy vehicle procurement contract with five suppliers. These five suppliers are Austrian Opel and Austrian Porsche. , BMW Austria, Hyundai Import AG and CCI Car Austria.

Why import BYD cars from China

Among them, CCI Car Austria is the import agent of Chinese automobile manufacturer BYD in Austria. According to the framework agreement, BYD has received an order for 640 electric vehicles for civil servants, which will be delivered to Austria in the next four years.

So why does the Austrian government take a fancy to BYD? The official meaning is: “In addition to price, we give priority to the quality standards and subsequent use costs of the car.” In other words, the Austrian government believes that BYD’s cars are not only of good quality, but also cost-effective to use and the price is reasonable.”

As sales continue to rise and new technologies and new models continue to appear, the public still pays a lot of attention to BYD. It can be said that when it comes to understanding a well-known brand, sometimes people do not rely on the product, but pay more attention to what the company is saying and doing. BYD is one of the car manufacturers that works very hard to export its cars. It strives to export its cars overseas, even to Japan and Germany, the major car countries.

One of BYD’s core directions is auto exports

In fact, although 2022 is called the first year of BYD’s exports, BYD has actually been planning for automobile exports for 24 years. As early as 1998, BYD established its first overseas branch in the Netherlands, but the final outbreak time was in 2022, when it was fully prepared in all aspects.

By the end of 2022, BYD has launched passenger car business in 18 countries around the world, and its commercial vehicle footprint has spread to more than 70 countries and regions and more than 400 cities around the world, growing rapidly.

In 2023, BYD will make further progress. To give a few examples, for example, in April this year, Thailand’s total sales of pure electric vehicles were 3,822 units, of which BYD’s ATTO 3 (domestic model named Yuan PLUS) sold 1,734 units. Its market share hit a new high, and it ranked first among electric vehicles for four consecutive months. Car sales crown.

The BYD ATTO 3 in the Israeli market has a sales volume of 1,246 units in May 2023, and has won the single-model sales championship in Israel for seven consecutive months. It should be noted that the sales here are for all models and across all car series, BYD’s strength is evident.

Why import BYD cars from China

There is a lot of news like this. For example, from January to May this year, BYD ATTO 3 sold a total of 1,402 units, ranking first in sales of pure electric vehicles in New Zealand.

In March this year, BYD officially laid the foundation stone for its Rayong factory in Thailand. The factory is expected to start production in 2024, with an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles. It should be noted that the cars produced in this factory are expected to be exported to European and ASEAN countries, with a wider radiating range and drive through points.

In addition, another BYD project has just been launched. BYD’s first overseas passenger car joint venture factory will be launched in Uzbekistan. In a blink of an eye, Chinese automobile companies have become exporters of technology, products and brands.

Why trust BYD Auto

Why import BYD cars from China

Why are consumers willing to buy BYD cars? This is inseparable from BYD’s technological independence and rich accumulation. As of March 2023, BYD has applied for approximately 40,000 patents, granted approximately 28,000 patents globally, and has nearly 70,000 R&D personnel.

As for technology specifically, BYD has made a lot of achievements, such as blade battery, DM-i super hybrid, e-platform 3.0, which we have just digested, the new CTB battery body integration, Yi Sifang, Yunnan intelligent body control system, etc. Technologies that promise industry disruption are also on the horizon. After the launch of the Looking Up series, no one doubts BYD’s technical strength. 

Why import BYD cars from China

Holding the core technologies of the entire new energy vehicle industry chain such as batteries, motors, electronic controls and car-grade chips in its hands is the key to BYD’s differentiation from previous car exporters.

In addition, being able to develop collaboratively with partners in various markets is also one of the keys to rapid advancement. For example, in Europe, BYD has cooperated with Hedin Mobility, a dealer group with more than 230 stores, and it has spread rapidly. In various markets, BYD has established mature international business and management teams, accumulated more experience in international business operations, and has gradually realized the localization of talents in various overseas markets. 

Why import BYD cars from China

After mastering its own technology and understanding local needs, BYD will carefully optimize it for the local area. For example, DiLink is optimized for overseas markets and is compatible with various apps commonly used by overseas users to upgrade the product experience.

These factors are encouraging overseas users to favor BYD when choosing imported cars. Even the Austrian government believes in the quality and cost-effectiveness of BYD cars. What else do you need to consider?

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