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Double Wishbone Independent Suspension and Multi-link Suspension are two common suspension structures for automobile chassis. Each has its characteristics and advantages and applies to slightly different car models. As one of the reference elements when buying a car, let’s talk about the differences between the two types of suspension from the structure.

Double Wishbone Independent Suspension

The double-wishbone independent suspension has better anti-roll performance and handling stability and is suitable for high-speed driving and models with high power performance requirements. It connects the body and wheels through the upper and lower control arms, and the springs and shock absorbers cushion and dampen the vibration. It can effectively reduce body roll and improve vehicle stability and maneuverability.

Multi-link Suspension

Multi-link independent suspension, on the other hand, consists of multiple control arms. Sharing the load-bearing capacity of the suspension through more connection points improves the rigidity and stability of the suspension. This type of suspension structure is suitable for improving the comfort and passability of the vehicle and is more common in some common models, such as crossovers and urban SUVs.

car chassis structure-1

Therefore, the choice of which suspension structures to choose depends on the positioning and purpose of the model. Suppose you pay more attention to stability and maneuverability. In that case, double-wishbone independent suspension may be more suitable. If you pay more attention to vehicle comfort and passability, multi-link structure suspension may be more appropriate.

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