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The fever to export electric cars from China has continued to rise this year.

Data shows that in the first half of 2022, the average selling price of electric cars in China was less than 32,000 euros (about 250,000 yuan), while the average selling price in Europe was about 56,000 euros (about 440,000 yuan). In terms of sales of models aimed at the mass market and priced at about 20,000 to 40,000 euros, or about 157,000 yuan to 314,000 yuan, Chinese-made EVs are highly competitive.

The following is an introduction to the process of export electric cars from China.

01 Preparation before the declaration

Before exporting, exporters should understand the relevant laws and regulations of the exporting country or region on automobile products to ensure that the exported products comply with the mandatory technical requirements in the fields of safety, environmental protection, energy saving and other areas-automobile technical regulations and product access management system (including the management authority, process, etc.).

02 Sending manifest information and making cargo declaration

The manifest transporter transmits the preallocated manifest’s main data to the Customs before the declaration procedure.

03 Cargo declaration

According to the standardized declaration requirements of the General Administration of Customs, provide the electronic text of the packing list, invoice and contract, and declare to the Customs through the China International Trade Single Window. The automobile export applies to the national customs clearance integration mode, and the enterprise can independently choose the place of export declaration and the port of exit. (Pure electric vehicles do not need to apply for an export license)


04 Arrival of goods

When all the new energy vehicles arrive at the customs supervisory operation site, the relevant site operator submits the arrival report to the Customs through electronic data. Upon receipt of the information, the Customs will be able to handle the inspection or release of goods and articles; meanwhile, the China International Trade Single Window will provide feedback on the relevant information.

If the customs declaration in the port is controlled and inspected, China International Trade Single Window will inform the enterprise that the goods need to be checked; after receiving the notification, the enterprise will go to the customs inspection department at the port to apply for the inspection formalities; the customs at the port will arrange for the inspection plan according to the enterprise’s application, and implement the inspection according to the inspection instruction, and enter the inspection result after the completion of the check. If no abnormality is found, the vehicle will be released.

05 Cargo release

The release of goods is divided into two cases: with and without inspection. According to the electronic arrival report, the H2018 system completes the automatic release operation of customs declaration without inspection. If there is an inspection, the subsequent disposition will be determined according to the inspection results.

(1) regular inspection

The Customs and Excise Department will enter the inspection results, and the H2018 system will automatically complete the release operation.

(2) abnormal inspection

The Customs at the place of declaration will process the subsequent inspection. If it can be released, the Customs at the place of declaration will enter the comprehensive disposal result to complete the release operation.

many cars

06 Ship Export

After the Customs completes the release of customs declaration, the enterprise will go to the supervisory place to ship goods with the electronic or paper release certificate of the Customs.

07 Customs clearance

After the goods are shipped out, the system carries out automatic customs clearance for the eligible declarations.

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