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Now, among new energy vehicles, there are five charging methods for electric vehicle, namely fast charging and slow charging, battery swapping, wireless charging and mobile charging. However, most electric cars on the automobile market now can only use two charging methods: fast charging and slow charging. The cars are equipped with fast charging and slow charging interfaces. Other charging methods have not yet begun to be widely used.

The first one is fast charging.

It known as emergency charging or ground charging. It mainly covers two charging forms: mobile charging vehicles and charging stations. Fast charging mainly uses a car charger to directly charge the car battery through high current, so that the car battery can reach about 80% of the power in a short time, and it is usually fully charged in one hour.

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The second one is slow charging.

It is on-board charging and regular charging. It is generally suitable for home wall-mounted charging piles and car chargers. The current and charging power are relatively small, and the charging time usually takes six to eight hours.

Third, replace the battery.

Usually, the battery is recharged by replacing the power battery. When the car battery is depleted, the battery pack with low power is replaced with a fully charged car battery, and the replaced car battery is sent to the battery replacement station for slow charging.

Fourth, wireless charging.

Without the use of cables and wires, wireless charging source boards embedded in parking spaces and roads are automatically connected to the power grid for charging and discharging. This type of charging method is safe and convenient to use, but it is not used extensively in a short period of time.

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Fifth, mobile power bank.

This is an extension of wireless charging. Car owners do not need to find charging piles and can charge while cruising on the road. The mobile charging system will be buried under a section of the road, with a dedicated section designated for charging without requiring additional space.

Compared with slow charging, frequent fast charging will cause certain damage to the car battery and will accelerate the polarization of the car battery cells, causing lithium deposition in the cells. When the battery cell analyzes lithium, the lithium ions will decrease, causing the car battery capacity to decrease and affecting the battery life.

However, except for lithium iron phosphate batteries, if the car battery is allowed to rest for a short period of time after fast charging, the lithium metal will turn back into lithium ions, and the critical temperature will return to normal values. However, frequent use of fast charging will reduce the car’s recovery ability. In order to make electric vehicle last longer, car owners may choose to use slow charging for daily use, use fast charging in emergencies, or slow charge the car battery once a week to replenish the battery.

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