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Voyah Motors is aiming to exceed 10,000 units in sales in December. Shao Mingfeng, Voyah ‘s assistant general manager and head of the sales , publicly stated this sales goal at the November 10 Dongfeng Intelligent New Energy Brand SHOW. Shao Mingfeng also mentioned Voyah’s 2023 plan to exceed 50,000 units in annual sales.

Voyah will hit 10,000 monthly sales in December

Dongfeng Intelligent New Energy Brand SHOW-2

The new Voyah FREE was officially launched at the 2023 VOYAH NIGHT, which is positioned as a “Smart Driving and Touring Big 5-seat SUV”. And it is the only model within 300,000 RMB equipped with air suspension, dual-motor four-wheel-drive, front double-wishbone + rear five-link, and an all-aluminium chassis as standard.

Another new car, the new 2024 Voyah Dreamer, was released on October 12, featuring strong electric power, true safety, and true luxury, with cumulative orders exceeding 18,000 units in 18 days since its launch.

Voyah Chasing Light PHEV

Voyah Chasing Light PHEV is the first plug-in hybrid sedan of Voyah, which is positioned as the “New Executive Electric Flagship” and labelled as the “Smart and Stable CEO”, with a comprehensive range of 1,260km. At the same time, it also boasts the most extended pure electric range of any new energy PHEV sedan in the world at 262km under the CLTC and the second longest body width of any hybrid model in the world at 1970mm.

Voyah Chasing Light PHEV

Since June, Voyah’s sales have realized five consecutive increases, with deliveries exceeding 6,000 units in October, up 138% year-on-year. Since August, Voyah deliveries have increased by more than 1,000 units each month, showing a booming trend. Meanwhile, Voyah has also entered Norway, Finland, Denmark and other developed markets one after another, with overseas sales of nearly 5,000 units.

Dongfeng Intelligent New Energy Brand SHOW-3

On November 17, Voyah Chasing Light PHEV will officially start pre-sale at the Guangzhou Auto Show. This model has the advantages of long-range, powerful efficiency and luxurious driving experience, and it will also help Voyah to hit a new sales high.

What are your thoughts on Voyah Automotive’s December sales goal?

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