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On November 12, Volvo‘s first pure electric luxury MPV EM90 made its official world debut. Looking back at Volvo’s historical models, the Duett model launched in 1953 based on the PV445 can be regarded as Volvo’s forerunner in station wagons. Since then, its relatively tall body shape has been quite MPV-like.

Volvo EM90 appearance-1

Now, 70 years later, Volvo has finally stepped into the luxury MPV segment with the release of the EM90.

With a pre-sale price of 818,000 RMB, this car is a direct counterpart to the Toyota Alphard. Typically, MPVs perform well in urban working conditions, family trips or official receptions. Therefore, the use of pure electric power form has high practicality. Its 738-kilometer CLTC range can eliminate mileage anxiety.

Volvo EM90 appearance

Volvo EM90 front face
Volvo EM90 front face detail

In terms of exterior design, EM90 focuses on simplicity and nature. The front face adopts the Nordic Star River dynamic grille, which complements the light-guided transmission of Thor’s Hammer headlamps to create a sense of mystery. The sidelines are clean and transparent, realizing an ultra-low wind resistance coefficient of 0.270Cd. The black body pillar surface presents the effect of a floating roof, full of sci-fi feeling. Its length, width and height are 5206/2024/1859mm, with a wheelbase of 3205mm, positioning it as a medium-large MPV.

Volvo EM90 side view

The taillights draw inspiration from architectural aesthetics, like a skyscraper in the city, adding a unique neon color to the city’s night scene.

Volvo EM90 rear


The interior design features curved trim panels inspired by previous Volvo models and integrated star-like dot-matrix ambient lighting. Smaller gauges are set in with a large car phone, making interactions simple and straightforward. The gear lever is designed in Orestes crystal. This crystal brand has existed for 125 years and is exclusive to the Swedish royal family and Nobel Prize dinners.

Volvo EM90 interior
Volvo EM90 interior detail-1
Volvo EM90 interior detail-2

One of the most striking highlights of the Volvo EM90 is its sound system. The number of speakers exceeds the XC90’s 17 at 21 and boasts an output of 2,460W. The center-mounted Nautilus speakers in the center console add even more to the listening experience. Dedicated speakers behind the second-row headrests and a large screen on the roof further enhance the immersive viewing experience.

Volvo EM90 interior detail-3
Volvo EM90 second row screen

Ride comfort

The second-row ergonomic airline seats offer the ultimate comfort, designed to follow the body’s physiological curvature and automatically reduce the burden on the blood system and leg muscles. Adopting a 7-layer structure design, the thickness reaches more than 120mm, with solid support and slow rebound, soft but not sinking, not tired after sitting for a long time. In addition to functional configurations such as folding table boards, cup holders, and seat ventilation and heating, it also provides a variety of massage modes. The second row of seats supports multi-angle adjustment, and the most comfortable position can be unlocked with one-touch operation.

Volvo EM90 second row seats-1
Volvo EM90 second row seats-2

The third-row seats are made of zero-gravity pressure-relieving foam, which is moderately soft and firm, also providing excellent comfort.

Volvo EM90 Top view

Volvo EM90 Power

In terms of power, the EM90 has a maximum power of 200 kW and a CLTC range of 738 kilometers. It also supports bi-directional charging, allowing it to charge other electric vehicles (up to 6.6 kW) and appliances (up to 3.3 kW). In addition, the car comes with a dual-chamber air suspension system that adds more comfort to the driving experience.

Looking at the positioning and pricing of the Volvo EM90, it is designed to compete with premium luxury MPVs like the Toyota Alphard and Lexus LM300h. However, the purely electric form of this car can only occupy a place in the high-end luxury MPV market, which favors urban use. Of course, Volvo has always been committed to creating safety benchmark products, which need no elaboration. Instead, the EM90’s focus is on creating a sense of luxury. It’s not just synonymous with simplicity but also makes the most of the Nordic design culture. The top-notch seating, sound and audio-visual entertainment system configurations complement each other and are well worth the ¥800,000 pre-sale price.

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