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Hiphi X | China’s High End Electric SUV

With the development in recent years, Chinese brands have made great progress in the field of new energy. Many Chinese vehicle companies have also launched high-end flagship models. I’m going to talk about next is a representative product of China’s high-end electric flagship models, Hiphi X. Positioned as a pure electric mid-to-large SUV, let’s talk […]

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The Most Complete Introduction to China’s Electric Car Brands

With the support of national policies, the development of electric vehicles is getting better and better. The latest release of electric vehicle data shows that as of 2022, China’s electric vehicle ownership has reached 13.1 million units. In the first half of 2023, electric vehicle sales have reached 3.747 million units. Many new electric car […]

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Which of the Two Chassis Suspension Structures is Better

Double Wishbone Independent Suspension and Multi-link Suspension are two common suspension structures for automobile chassis. Each has its characteristics and advantages and applies to slightly different car models. As one of the reference elements when buying a car, let’s talk about the differences between the two types of suspension from the structure. The double-wishbone independent […]

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New Energy Vehicle Long Distance Travel Guide

With the popularity of new energy vehicles, more and more people are choosing this environmentally friendly and economical way of travelling. However, battery life and charging problems that may be encountered during long-distance travel have also become concerns for many car owners. If you plan your trip in advance, these problems can be easily solved. […]

BYD DM-i Vehicle Knowledge

An Inventory of The 9 Major Electric Vehicle Platforms

About the explosion value of battery explosion-proof valve EV, BEV, HEV, PHEV, FCV, electric vehicles, what are they New Energy Vehicle Battery Technology Showdown Related blogs This article will introduce the nine most representative new energy vehicle platforms. These platforms include the Volkswagen MEB platform, Mercedes-Benz EVA pure electric platform, BYD e platform, BYD DM-i […]

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How Much Does A Battery Replacement Cost for An Electric car

What car owners need to know about electric vehicle charging How to choose your vehicle insurance for new energy vehicles New Energy Vehicle Battery Technology Showdown In general, it is believed that maintaining and operating an electric car is more cost-effective than one powered by gasoline. That’s because electric vehicles run on electricity alone rather […]

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New Energy Vehicle Battery Technology Showdown

With the proliferation of new energy vehicle brands, the market share of new energy vehicles has been increasing year by year. In these vehicles, the power battery accounts for more than 40% of the overall value. After years of iteration, power battery technology has become more mature. Battery technology has always been a key factor […]

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How to Choose Your Vehicle Insurance for New Energy Vehicles

With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness and the rapid development of technology. New energy vehicles have become a popular choice for modern travel. New energy vehicles have huge advantages in reducing exhaust emissions and saving energy. However, what follows is an increase in demand for new energy vehicle insurance. Today, let’s talk about the […]

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Tips for Using New Energy Vehicles in Winter

Today’s new energy vehicles are developing rapidly. For new energy vehicle owners, they not only need to pay attention to the impact of weather changes on their vehicles, but also need to pay more attention to the daily use and maintenance of their vehicles. In the cold winter, low temperature may have a certain impact […]

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What Car Owners Need to Know About Electric Vehicle Charging

Now, among new energy vehicles, there are five charging methods for electric vehicle, namely fast charging and slow charging, battery swapping, wireless charging and mobile charging. However, most electric cars on the automobile market now can only use two charging methods: fast charging and slow charging. The cars are equipped with fast charging and slow […]

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EV, BEV, HEV, PHEV, FCV, Electric Vehicles, What are They

To put it simply, electric vehicles are the vehicles that uses electrical energy as their energy supply and the electric motors as their power engine. But friends, you have seen EV, PHEV, pure electric, hybrid, extended-range electric vehicles and other types of electric vehicles in various media. Are you dazzled and confused? Let me tell […]

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About The Explosion Value of Battery Explosion Proof Valve

The battery explosion-proof valve is a safety device used to control the pressure inside the battery. When the internal pressure of the battery exceeds a certain value, the explosion-proof valve will explode and release the pressure to prevent the battery from exploding. The burst value of the battery explosion-proof valve refers to the amount of […]