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This is the ideal place to find quality automotive purchasing solutions. We provide you with a broader market opportunity and a more convenient purchasing experience.

We have brought together a wide range of car brands, covering traditional gasoline models as well as the most popular new energy car brands, providing you with more choices to meet the different preferences of customers.

We are well aware of the challenges you may face in overseas transactions, so our professional team will handle complex issues such as export customs declaration for you to ensure the smooth completion of the transaction.

In addition, GuangwuCar not only focuses on the sale of cars, but also provides you with corresponding auto accessories to ensure that your vehicles are kept in top condition in daily use.

Confirm vehicle source

Confirm vehicle source

Confirm the model you want.

Apply export license

Apply for an export license

We will go through the corresponding formalities for the model you confirmed and apply for an export license.

Shipping & Land Transport

Shipping/Land Transport

We will confirm with you the port of departure, the port of destination, the corresponding freight details and then ship/land transport.

Customs declaration

Customs declaration

We will provide all documents required for vehicle export to Chinese customs and obtain customs clearance.

Car deregistration

Car deregistration

After the customs release, we will go through the deregistration procedures in China to ensure that the vehicle information is no longer in China.

Import customs clearance

Import customs clearance

You need to provide the corresponding procurement information when the vehicle arrives at the port, as well as the vehicle information we provide, and perform customs clearance at the local customs.



After customs clearance, you need to find the corresponding 

logistics company to transport the vehicle to the address 

you specify, and officially obtain your vehicle.

business process

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