NIO ES6 launch experience Vehicle Evaluation

All New NIO ES6 All Round Launch Experience

NIO ES6 has shortened the pace from debut to launch this time, and has also shipped the new car to stores across the country in advance, enabling it to be launched today and delivered tomorrow. As NIO’s main model in the next stage, how does the new ES6 perform? GuangcaiCar also went to experience it in […]

Trumpchi E9 front face Vehicle Evaluation

Trumpchi E9: A New Option for Plug-in Hybrid MPVs

Click to see more blogs With the growing popularity of plug-in hybrid vehicles in the market, how competitive is the Trumpchi E9, a mid-size MPV, after “adding electricity”? This is what we are going to discuss now. Trumpchi E9 appearance The Trumpchi E9 comes with two front designs for consumers to choose from: the “Kun […]

Li auto electric vehicle Vehicle Evaluation

The Top 5 Global Manufacturers of Electric Vehicle

Over the past decade, the electric vehicle market has experienced unprecedented growth. In 2021, almost one in 10 cars sold globally will be electric. By 2022, global electric vehicle sales in the first half of the year increased by 62% compared with 2021, with electric vehicle sales exceeding 2 million in the first quarter of […]

NETA V-Seagull-Bingo Vehicle Evaluation

Three New Energy Vehicles Within $13,988

Nowadays, new energy vehicles are very popular, what we want to say is the “three musketeers” of the pure electricity era, “NETA V, Seagull, Bingo”, these three cars have the common characteristics of “cheap, practical, easy to drive, and economic”, which is the most balanced performance in the new era and the most representative of […]

Vehicle Evaluation

Great Wall High End MPV! Battery Life Up to 1,200km

Just like when Great Wall WEY entered the independent luxury car market for the first time in the past, after completing multiple brand name changes and product series updates, WEY finally launched a flagship SUV: WEY Lanshan DHT-PHEV. Achieved a breakthrough at the sales level. And now, Great Wall WEY is about to complete a […]

Vehicle Evaluation

Equipped With A 2.0T Engine, How Does Geely Preface Perform

In terms of appearance, the new Geely Preface is overall calm and majestic. The front grille is decorated with a vertical grille, which is integrated with the Geely logo. The surrounding silver chrome trim strips add a sense of fashion. The headlights on both sides are Split design, equipped with LED light source, good lighting […]

Vehicle Evaluation

Why Young People Like Geely ICON 2023

The exterior design of Geely ICON is unique and charming, full of youthful atmosphere. The body size is moderate and has good urban handling performance, while the black suspended roof, 19-inch wheels and black wheel arches give the vehicle a more sporty feel. Although the taillight design is conventional, it presents a satisfactory effect when […]

Vehicle Evaluation

What Pure Electric Car is Suitable for Girls to Drive

Now, pure electric mobility cars have become a market that many car brands are competing for. What we bring to you today is a small car that has become quite popular recently, which is the Wuling Bingo from SAIC-GM- Wuling . It provides optional pure electric range versions of 203km and 333km. Wuling Bingo sold […]

Vehicle Evaluation

Audi A6L and Mercedes-Benz E300, What A Difference

When it comes to buying a car, everyone wants the best, especially when we spend a lot of time and money. Recently, I was fortunate enough to purchase an Audi A6L. However, I was not satisfied with this choice. I decided to upgrade again and purchased a Mercedes-Benz E300. Both luxury cars are high-profile models […]

Vehicle Evaluation

Cheaper Than Q7 But Bigger, Why is The Audi Q6 So Unpopular

Logically speaking, for the same series of models named with numbers, the larger the number, the higher the level and the larger the size. I believe most consumers think so, but there are always exceptions. For example, the Audi Q6 is a medium-to-large SUV. Judging from the naming method, its body size should be between […]

Vehicle Evaluation

Experience ZEEKR 009 in Detail: Is It Worth $69,959

ZEEKR 009 is the brand’s second car after 001. The mixed reviews on the Internet made me interested in it. According to the official statement, this is a luxury MPV comparable to a “large flat floor in the sky”. As for whether the official lied, how does the actual car look and use? Take a […]

Avita-11 Vehicle Evaluation

New Energy Vehicle Summer High Temperature Test

Recently, the summer high temperature test results of new energy vehicles were officially released. A series of conclusions were drawn by testing new energy vehicles under various conditions such as high-temperature endurance, high-temperature charging, and high-temperature acceleration. First place, Avatr 11 Avatr 11 Minimum selling price: from 300,000 In the high-temperature endurance test, the Avatr […]