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Trumpchi Automobile is a Chinese independent brand automobile manufacturer established in 2008. With “quality, technology, and innovation” as its core values, it is committed to creating high-quality, high-performance automotive products to meet consumers’ ever-evolving car needs.

Trumpchi Automobile has performed well in R&D, production, sales and other fields. Its product lines include sedans, SUVs, MPVs and other models, covering various market segments from low-end to high-end. Trumpchi Auto also pays attention to technological innovation and R&D investment, and continuously launches new models with innovative and technological features.

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GAC Passenger Car
compact car
Type of Energy gasoline Transmission Description 8speed manual transmission Drive Type Front wheel drive
GAC Passenger Car
Compact SUV
Type of Energy Gas-electric hybrid Transmission Description 2nd gear DHT Drive Type Front wheel drive
GAC Passenger Car
Medium and large MPV
Type of Energy gasoline Transmission Description 8-speed automatic Drive Type front drive
GAC Passenger Car
compact MPV
Type of Energy gasoline Transmission Description 7 speed dual clutch Drive Type front drive
GAC Passenger Car
mid-size SUV
Type of Energy gasoline Transmission Description 8-speed manual transmission Drive Type front drive
GAC Passenger Car
Compact SUV
Type of Energy gasoline Transmission Description 6 speed automatic Drive Type front drive
GAC Passenger Car
Compact SUV
Type of Energy plug-in hybrid Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type front drive
GAC Passenger Car
Compact SUV
Type of Energy gasoline Transmission Description 7 speed dual clutch Drive Type front drive
GAC Passenger Car
Compact SUV
Type of Energy gasoline Transmission Description 6 speed manual Drive Type front drive

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Trumpchi Luxurious riding space

Trumpchi Brand Identity

The logo of Trumpchi Motors is a “G” letter, which represents the initials of “GAC” (GAC Passenger Cars). It also means that Trumpchi Motors will continue to pursue excellence and progress in its future development. logo

Trumpchi M8 - Luxurious MPV

Trumpchi M8

Comfort Master

Second-row first-class seats with 10-way adjustment, ventilation, heating, and 10-point massage.

Space Master

Variety of space modes, 1500mm extra-long second and third row slide rails, maximum luggage compartment volume of 1586L; 43 diversified storage spaces.

Guardian Master

Body protection designed based on C-NCAP five-star standard; Industry’s first 360° all-round airbag.

Intelligence Master

ADiGO Space super-sensing interactive intelligent cockpit; ADiGO Pilot one-button intelligent assisted driving system; 14.6-inch high-definition LCD central control screen + 12.3-inch high-definition LCD instrument panel; 8155 car-grade chip; 2.0TGDI engine + 8AT torque king in the same class.

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

Trumpchi M6 Pro - Compact MPV

Trumpchi M6 Pro

Sharp Design

2810mm to long wheelbase; Wind wing design.

Magic Space

1100L extra large magic luggage space, due to the foldable design of the third row; Comfortable space, large internal space utilization, the inner height of the second row is 1.25 meters.

Security Technology

Standard configuration is an integrated large LCD screen; Huawei HiCar enables wireless screen projection on mobile phones (carlife and carplay functions are retained).

Comfortable Cabin

Abundant storage space and power interface within easy reach; Julang power; Triple protection (PM1.0, plasma, AQS control).

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

Trumpchi GS4 - Compact SUV

Trumpchi GS4

Good Appearance

Black and red interior, showing individual style; Laser beam flying wing LED taillights; Dual 12.3-inch technology large screens.

Safe Value

ADiGO intelligent driving assistance; C-NCAP five-star safety certification; 360° panoramic parking.

Spatial Value

Extra large panoramic sunroof (with electric sunshade); 1570mm extra wide rear space; 1560L full flat space.

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

Trumpchi GS8 - Medium SUV

Trumpchi GS8

Quiet Space

Second-row queen recliner, 131° adjustable range; Flexible layout, second-row electric EZE allows easy entry and exit with one button; All-round quiet NVH technology.

Exquisite Interior

Brand new brown light luxury interior; Scroll thin screen + fully laminated LCD instrument; General chair; 32-color colorful ambient light.

Surging Power

BorgWarner’s sixth-generation torque manager; 2.0T GDI engine + Love third-generation 8AT powertrain; Dual hydraulic suspension overall design.

Smart Cockpit

New 8155 chip; AR-HUD; Fully automatic integrated parking; One-click intelligent navigation; Driving assistance.

Security Guard

Ultra-high-strength hot-formed steel accounts for 17%; 27 active safety technologies; 540° transparent bottom.

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

Trumpchi E9 - Luxurious MPV

Trumpchi E9


Smart, luxurious and comfortable, semi-aniline premium leather first-class seats; Unique to models of this class, 360° airbag matrix.


2.0TM smart electric hybrid system, the most powerful electric drive, full performance; High energy density magazine battery, five layers of protection.


Three energy modes: pure electric priority, smart hybrid, and smart battery maintenance; ADiGO smart driving interconnected ecosystem.


The WLTC comprehensive battery life is 1032km, and the roaming maximum battery life is 1442km; The longest battery life according to statistics.

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Maximum Power

Trumpchi Auto - Trustworthy Chinese Car Manufacturer

Since its establishment in 2008, Trumpchi Auto has become a dark horse in China’s independent brand automobile market. According to statistics, Trumpchi Auto’s annual sales have increased from the initial few thousand vehicles to nearly 300,000 vehicles in 2019. This sales growth rate far exceeds the average growth rate of the Chinese automobile market.


In addition, according to the “2019 China Auto Sales Satisfaction Study SM (SSI) Report” released by J.D. Power, Trumpchi Auto’s sales satisfaction index reached 756 points, ranking second in the industry. This is also the best result among independent brands. . This shows that Trumpchi Auto has also achieved excellence in the sales process and provided consumers with a good car buying experience.

Features of Trumpchi Auto's 'Julang Hybrid'

The Julang hybrid brand can be said to be the leader of hybrid vehicles in China. Its layout of two hybrid technology lines and a full range of hybrid models (covering all sedans, SUVs, and MPVs) gives Trumpchi Motors a unique competitive advantage in the hybrid market.

Efficient and energy-saving

Julang Hybrid adopts advanced hybrid technology, which can achieve efficient synergy and complementary advantages of the engine and electric motor, and has excellent energy consumption performance and power output in various scenarios and road conditions.

Strong power

Julang hybrid technology can realize intelligent switching of multiple modes according to different working conditions, making the power response quick and strong, providing drivers with an excellent driving experience.

Quiet and comfortable

The use of Julang hybrid technology allows the engine and electric motor to work together most of the time, thereby reducing the noise and vibration caused by the traditional engine and improving driving quietness and comfort.

Intelligent control

Julang Hybrid adopts an intelligent control system, which can achieve smooth and fast shifting in a variety of driving scenarios, improving the user’s driving experience.

High reliability

Julang hybrid technology has undergone rigorous testing and verification, and uses high-quality components and materials to ensure the reliability and durability of the vehicle.

High safety

Julang hybrid technology adopts advanced active safety technology to ensure vehicle stability and safety under various driving conditions.

FAQs about Importing or Driving Trumpchi Cars from China

How to import Trumpchi cars from China?

If you want to import Trumpchi cars from China, you can leave a message to contact the sales staff of GuangcaiCar. We can provide you with comprehensive import services, including handling import procedures, arranging transportation and warehousing, etc. In addition, you need to understand the import regulations and standards of your country to ensure that your vehicle can be cleared and registered smoothly.

How to ensure that Trumpchi cars imported from China are safe and reliable?

Trumpchi cars imported from China must comply with international standards and safety regulations. Trumpchi uses high-quality parts and materials in the production process and undergoes multiple tests and verifications to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle.

Are there any special requirements or restrictions for importing Trumpchi cars from China?

There may be some special requirements or restrictions that vary from country to country. Therefore, you need to understand the import regulations and standards of your country, including certification requirements, tariffs, emission standards, etc.

What is the fuel consumption and cruising range of Trumpchi Automobile?

Trumpchi Auto’s fuel consumption and cruising range are both very good. Trumpchi uses an advanced fuel injection system and optimized powertrain to keep the vehicle’s fuel consumption at a low level on both urban roads and highways. Electric and hybrid models are also equipped with large-capacity batteries that provide longer driving range.

Does Trumpchi Auto support in-vehicle interconnection functions?

Yes, Trumpchi Auto supports in-vehicle interconnection functions. Equipped with an advanced in-vehicle interconnection system, it can be interconnected with the car through voice assistants, mobile APPs, etc., to realize multiple functions such as navigation, entertainment, and remote control.

Are Trumpchi cars comfortable to drive?

Trumpchi Automobile attaches great importance to driving comfort and control. The vehicle’s suspension system and seats are carefully designed to provide optimal support and comfort. Trumpchi is also equipped with a variety of intelligent driving assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, etc., making driving easier and safer.

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