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With the growing popularity of plug-in hybrid vehicles in the market, how competitive is the Trumpchi E9, a mid-size MPV, after “adding electricity”? This is what we are going to discuss now.

Trumpchi E9 side view

Trumpchi E9 appearance

The Trumpchi E9 comes with two front designs for consumers to choose from: the “Kun Peng” and the “Oriental Waking Lion” to meet different aesthetic needs. The bumper is flanked by a number of falling light bands, and the main lights have a matrix design. The full-LED headlights with automatic on and adaptive high and low beam functions make the front face highly recognizable.

Trumpchi E9 rear

As a mid-size MPV, the side lines of the Trumpchi E9 are straight and upright. The length, width and height reach 5193 (5212) mm/1893 mm/1823 mm, and the wheelbase is 3070 mm, which gives people a tall and powerful impression. Its double-side electric anti-pinch side sliding door design, two steps and easy to get on and off the handrail, all highlight the “humanized” design concept, very friendly to children, the elderly and other groups. The rear design echoes the front, especially the LED taillights. In order to ensure the space for the third row of passengers, the rear end adopts a square shape.

Trumpchi E9 interior
E9 interior detail


The interior details of the Trumpchi E9 are equally good. It has three screens: 12.3-inch gauges + 14.6-inch center screen + 12.3-inch passenger screen. Equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip and the latest ADiGO intelligent IoT system, it can adapt a large number of third-party APPs to increase the playability. In terms of interior materials, all the places within reach are wrapped in leather or soft materials for a superior touch.

Trumpchi E9 second row
E9 third row

Ride comfort

In terms of ride comfort, the seats of the Trumpchi E9 are very user-friendly. All front seats are ventilated and heated. The second row is two independent seats. Not only do they support ventilation, heating and massage functions, but they also have an independent temperature zone control air conditioning system that supports warm air and automatic temperature settings, giving passengers the ultimate comfort experience. The third row of seats also supports backrest and fore and aft adjustment. The headroom is not much different from the second row, and the legroom is spacious, so even adults will not feel constricted or uncomfortable when riding.

E9 opens the hood

Trumpchi E9 Power

The Trumpchi E9 is a plug-in hybrid vehicle with a strong 2.0T plug-in hybrid system. Its 2.0T engine has a maximum power of 140kW and the electric motor has a power of 134kW, and it can accelerate to zero hundred in 8.8 seconds. It adopts 2-gear DHT and has strong re-acceleration ability under high-speed conditions. The battery is a 25.57kWh Li-ion ternary battery with a pure electric range of 136km. The charging time is half an hour for fast charging and 3.5 hours for slow charging. The fuel consumption of the feeder is 6.05L per 100km. And the chassis adopts front MacPherson sole suspension + rear multi-link sole suspension, and is equipped with SDC electromagnetic suspension.

Trumpchi E9 tail mark

In terms of overall competitiveness, the Trumpchi E9 has a lot to offer. From the feedback of owners, its reputation is good. For plug-in hybrid MPVs, it’s a hot time right now. After adding electricity, E9 has a better driving quality and has an external discharge function. That is very practical in the outdoors.

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