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It has to be said that the end of the year is really the peak season for the automobile market, and major international auto shows are also coming one after another. See, the 2023 Tokyo Auto Show is coming, and the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show is coming next month. Let’s talk about the Tokyo Motor Show first. As Toyota’s home base, Toyota is destined to flex its muscles at the Tokyo Motor Show. It is understood that Toyota’s 2023 Prado and Landcruiser pure electric version will be debuted at the auto show. These two cars also attract a lot of attention in our Chinese market.


Especially the pure electric version of the Landcruiser. Due to the rapid momentum of new energy in the Chinese market, this model will also be introduced to the Chinese market in the future. Coupled with the changes in the product, it is much larger than the original Land Cruiser. So, it’s still worth talking about.


From the exposed picture information

We can see that the design of the pure electric version of the Landcruiser has huge changes. The overall look is full of technology and futuristic feel. In terms of details, it can be seen that there is basically no shadow of a fuel vehicle, such as the closed grille and the unique headlight design.


From the side of the Landcruiser ‘s body

It can be clearly seen that this car uses a suspended roof. And I personally think there are two points worthy of our attention. One is the hidden door handle, and the other is the electronic rearview mirror. Both design points are currently popular and forward-looking design elements. As for the rear of the car body, you can no longer see the wild design on the pure electric version, and there is no rear-mounted spare tire. Instead, there are through-type taillights and a minimalist design.


Interior and power

There is currently no relevant information exposed on the interior, but needless to say, it will say goodbye to Toyota’s more traditional and traditional designs and will be replaced by a more technological and fashionable design atmosphere. It’s just that, after all, as a world-class car giant, many people should be concerned about what unique designs Toyota can bring us.

Unfortunately, there is currently no relevant information on power. As for which battery it will be equipped with, it is also worth looking forward to.


To be honest, in the general environment of the new energy vehicle market, Toyota’s transformation is very slow. Even though it has launched several models in the Chinese auto market, the response has been mediocre. If it wants to not fall behind in the new energy market, it obviously needs to come up with something strong. What do you think of this pure electric version of Landcruiser?

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