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Recently, news has spread on the Internet that the new generation of Toyota Camry will be officially unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show, which will open on November 17. The new car has just released a preview image and exposed many spy photos, which makes people have to Sigh. It’s finally time to change.

The 10th generation Accord, which was launched later than him, has ended its life cycle. The 11th-generation Accord has been on the market for some time and even received substantial discounts. The eighth-generation Camry is still insisting. It has to be said that the pace is slow but on the other hand. It also shows that the officials are confident enough and are not in a hurry to make significant changes.

However, it is an indisputable fact that the discount rate is getting larger and larger. In terms of market reaction, it is time for an update.

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New Toyota Camry Appearance

In terms of appearance, according to previous previews, the front face of the new car will adopt the latest family-style eye-catching C-shaped daytime running lights as the most prominent feature. The centre should be a through-type decorative strip, while the front bumper will remain. With the addition of the large-mouth grille, the overall style is consistent with Toyota’s latest family styles, such as the Prius, and may also be closer to the new Crown model. After the trailer is shown, you can even see the blue light Toyota logo. It seems that the main focus will be on gasoline-electric hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. There is also news that the fuel version of the new generation model will no longer be launched in the future, but this is for There is no doubt that this is a very bold decision for Toyota.

New Toyota Camry-5

In addition, there appear to be large air intakes in the fog lamp areas on the left and right sides, further enhancing the sporty feel. On the side of the body, the new car maintains the Camry’s iconic, relatively elegant and slender lines. But the body size seems to have been further improved to be longer, and the front and rear overhangs are still not too short, continuing the Japanese model that does not pay much attention to this. A detail of style. The waistline and window line are still relatively straight, with no particularly out-of-the-way elements, which is in line with the positioning of this model. The large-size wheels adopt a two-color layout, which gives it a good sense of sportiness.

New Toyota Camry-6
New Toyota Camry-7

New Toyota Camry Rear

At the car’s rear, the roof has a slight slip-back effect, but the protruding sedan tailgate is still very eye-catching, with a tilted duck tail at the end. The taillights should have a high-position through-type structure. When lit, they have an excellent visual effect and are unified with the family style. The model in the previous test spy photos also has Zuozhi’s single-sided dual-exhaust exhaust, but this does not confirm the power composition of the car. Anyway, Camry will not completely produce a pure electric version, and it must have an internal combustion engine. More information about the car’s interior, detailed power, etc., has yet to be officially announced. It is worth looking forward to what kind of performance it will have.

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