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Recently, we saw a video of a new generation of BMW 1 Series testing. The new BMW 1 Series will also be front-wheel drive. Although it is unclear whether the specific power will change, judging from the current BMW M135i, it is equipped with a 2.0T four-cylinder turbocharged engine with a maximum horsepower of 302 horsepower, with a peak torque of 450 Nm; according to rumors, the power of this car will be increased to 315 horsepower, and the styling will also be upgraded.

new BMW 1 -1

It is understood that the most significant feature of the new 1 Series is that a giant trapezoidal air intake net is arranged on the front bumper below the kidney-shaped grille. Although the car’s rear is hidden, it can still be seen. Quad exhaust pipes. In addition, the new BMW 1 Series sports version may be renamed M140i.

new BMW 1 -3

What’s even more worth mentioning is the cockpit. Although BMW has covered the dashboard, steering wheel, center console, etc., with black cloth, some changes can still be seen. For example, the car will have a small switch in the gear shift part, and there are two charging s near the cup holder.

Moreover, these photos also show that BMW will redesign the dashboard. The frame of the central control screen looks higher than the current model, and there is a kink on the side. This also makes people inevitably think about whether it will use a dual-screen design.

new BMW 1 -4

Although BMW has not announced when the new BMW 1 Series will be released, it is already near the end of 2023, so there is a high probability that this car will be unveiled in 2024. So, are you interested in the new BMW 1 Series?

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