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The third model of FANG CHENG BAO’s “583 Hardcore Family”. FANG CHENG BAO BAO 3 has also recently exposed its latest test spy photos. The new car is still a hard-core SUV with a lower positioning and a more affordable price.

spy photos of FANG CHENG BAO BAO 3-1

The front face of FANG CHENG BAO has a very powerful shape. It adopts the layout of through-type daytime running lights. The lines at both ends of the light group are rough, and the headlights are upturned. They are matched with a rectangular black air intake grille and a thick front lip. , further highlighting its powerful image.

spy photos of FANG CHENG BAO BAO 3-2

In terms of side design, the roof of the new car is relatively flat, and the forward-inclined C-pillar design adds to the dynamic feel. The design of the lower half is more prominent, the convex wheel arch shape gives the vehicle a more muscular feel, and its ground clearance is not too low.

spy photos of FANG CHENG BAO BAO 3-3

The rear design uses an external spare tire, and the taillights have a ribbon-like style. The bottom also continues the hardcore design, creating a capable visual effect.

spy photos of FANG CHENG BAO BAO 3-4

The new car will be built based on BYD‘s new DMO super hybrid off-road platform. As more and more consumers demand hard-core SUV models, FANG CHENG BAO BAO 3 is expected to cater to this market demand. The tough exterior design and enhanced off-road performance will make it a model that attracts much attention.

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