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Tesla Motors was founded by Elon Musk in 2003. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, its products include electric vehicles, energy storage equipment, etc.

Tesla’s electric vehicles have high performance, long cruising range, advanced autonomous driving technology and intelligent interconnection functions, leading the industry. Tesla is not only committed to promoting the application of clean energy, but also focusing on vehicle safety and comfort.

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Innovators in the Automotive Market

The introduction of Tesla cars has completely overturned the traditional automobile market. As a leader in the electric vehicle industry, Tesla has not only significantly reduced energy consumption, but also effectively reduced air pollution and energy waste by adopting pure electric drive technology. 


Today, when traditional cars are under increasing environmental pressure, Tesla’s electric cars have become the trend of sustainable development in the future.

Tesla Model Y - Medium SUV


All-wheel Drive Dual Motor

2 independent motors, precise control of front and rear wheel torque; Excellent acceleration performance;

Various Charging Methods

Home Charging; Super Charging; New International Charging Piles; Mobile Chargers.

Autopilot Automatic Assisted Driving

Camera field of view reaches 360°; 250-meter detection range; Tesla Vision visual processing system


It has a high-strength body structure and ample impact buffer zones to effectively reduce the risk of personal injury.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

Tesla Model 3 - Medium Sedan


New Wrap-around Cockpit Interior

High-grade interior materials; Immersive sound effects; Rear control screen; Ventilated seats; Wireless mobile phone charging.

Exquisite Technology

Rich entertainment functions and vehicle controls are at your fingertips, including music and videos, experience in-car games, navigation to destinations, etc.

Remote Access

Access and manage vehicles remotely; Turn on cabin heating or cooling in advance; Plan routes based on charging stations along the way.

Safety First

The vehicle’s side panels can absorb energy and act as a buffer in the event of a side impact; Reinforced battery pack located in the chassis can reduce the risk of vehicle rollover.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

Tesla - Extreme Simplicity in Interior Design

The core of Tesla’s interior design philosophy is “first principles.” This design philosophy runs through all Tesla models, and its interior design embodies the ultimate simplicity and practicality. This concept emphasizes returning to the essence of the problem and rethinking and designing the most basic functions and elements to achieve a more efficient and simpler design. 


This concept is widely used in Tesla’s interior design. For example, Tesla has removed the complicated designs and buttons found in traditional car interiors, retaining only the core functions and the simplest design elements.

Tesla’s Innovative Technology

Tesla cars demonstrate outstanding technological driving power. The intelligent design of its electric vehicles, especially its autonomous driving technology, provides a more comfortable and intelligent choice for future car travel.

Battery management system

Tesla is very advanced in battery management technology. Its BMS system effectively manages more than 7,000 single batteries to ensure battery reliability and safety. Tesla has core chip technology that can more accurately estimate the state of charge of battery cells and has an excellent charge balance system.

Three-phase induction motor

The motor used in Tesla cars is a self-developed three-phase induction motor with optimized winding linearity, which can minimize resistance and energy loss.

Unmanned driving technology

Tesla, as the global benchmark in the field of intelligent driving, has chosen to independently develop computing chips in order to improve the computing power of its on-board computing platform. The direct effect of a high frame rate is that the vehicle can perceive richer environmental information.

FSD chip

Tesla’s FSD chip is one of the most powerful autonomous driving chips in the world. The computing power of a single chip reaches 72Tops, and the board card reaches 144Tops. The manufacturing cost of this kind of chip is reduced by 20%, and the energy consumption is only increased by 20%. The hardware redundancy allows the FSD computing platform to basically undertake the computing tasks of fully autonomous driving after subsequent software updates through OTA.

FAQs about Importing or Driving Tesla Cars from China

What should you pay attention to when importing Tesla cars?

Things you need to pay attention to when importing Tesla cars include confirming whether the model complies with local regulations, going through relevant procedures, understanding tariffs and VAT and other fees, confirming transportation methods and fees, etc.

How to ensure the quality and safety of imported Tesla cars?

To ensure the quality and safety of imported Tesla vehicles, comprehensive inspection and maintenance are required, including appearance quality, battery safety, electronic systems, etc.

Do imported Tesla cars need to comply with local environmental standards?

Yes, imported Tesla cars need to comply with local environmental standards, including emission standards and noise standards.

Is Tesla's price higher in the Chinese market than in overseas markets?

Tesla’s price in the Chinese market may differ due to various factors compared with overseas markets. But usually, the prices in the Chinese market are not higher than those in overseas markets. You can compare prices in different markets.

What procedures and documents are required to import a Tesla?

Importing a Tesla requires a series of procedures and documents, including purchase contract, invoice, packing list, bill of lading, quality certificate, etc. GuangcaiCar will prepare the relevant materials needed for you.

Tesla's turn signal has unique logic, how to use it?

Tesla’s turn signal logic is unique. If the steering angle is not large enough when changing lanes, the turn signal will not turn off automatically and needs to be turned off manually. When operating, you need to flick the gear lever again. Note that it is contrary to the logic of other vehicles.

Tesla chassis guards are easily damaged, how to avoid them?

Tesla’s chassis is low and can easily be damaged when crossing watery roads or traveling too fast. It is recommended to slow down when encountering waterlogged roads to avoid contact between the chassis and the ground.

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