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Tank Auto is produced by Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd., a well-known Chinese car brand. Great Wall Motors is one of China’s largest SUV manufacturers, and its brand influence enjoys a wide reputation at home and abroad.

Tank Autos are suitable for consumers who pursue off-road experience, like outdoor adventures, and consumers who need a model that can take into account both urban and off-road conditions. It not only has powerful off-road performance, but also has a luxurious interior and comfortable driving experience.

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Great Wall Motors
Medium and large SUV
Type of Energy plug-in hybrid Transmission Description 9-stop automatic transmission Drive Type Front four-wheel drive
Great Wall Motor
Medium and large SUV
Type of Energy 48V mild hybrid system Transmission Description 9-speed automatic Drive Type Front four-wheel drive
Great Wall Motor
compact SUV
Type of Energy gasoline Transmission Description 8-speed automatic Drive Type Front four-wheel drive

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Advocate for Tough Tenderness

The tank logo consists of two letters “T” and “U”. T represents the positioning of the TANK brand, technology and trend, and U represents the user (YOU) and co-creation (United).


The Tank brand will build core strength with innovative technology, create a new travel and lifestyle, and work with users with tolerance and iron-blooded love to create a shared brand ecology and lead a trendy and fashionable lifestyle.

TANK 500 - Medium and Large Luxury Off-road SUV


Powerful Design

Shield-shaped air intake grille, naturally domineering;  Automatic electric suction rear tailgate.

Surging Power

3.0-liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine; Longitudinally mounted 9AT transmission.

Safety and Comfort

A new generation of intelligent four-wheel drive; Visual off-road information; tank turning, reduced turning radius; creep mode.

Realm of Luxury

Central control design simplifies complexity; Front and rear executive-grade Nappa massage seats; Crystal electronic gear lever.

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

TANK 300 - Compact SUV


Enjoy Off-roading

2.0T + 9AT + 48V light hybrid; Tank turning, turning radius reduced by 1m; Creep mode, automatic control of power and braking system; All-terrain control system.

Professional Off-road Configuration

Non-load-bearing off-road chassis; 2.0T direct injection supercharged gasoline engine; 8AT gearbox.

Luxurious Configuration

Ultra-quiet vehicle NVH; Ergonomically designed luxurious and comfortable seats; Aviation ergonomic gear lever.

Security Configuration

ACC adaptive cruise; ICA intelligent cruise assist; LKA lane keeping assist; LCK lane center keeping; TSR traffic sign reminder; TJA traffic jam assist.

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

TANK - A tough and tender car

Tough Guy – Hard Core Off-road Strength


Intelligent professional off-road platform; powerful power combination 3.0T+9HAT+P2, maximum torque of 750N·m power explosion; Mecha Technology off-road SUV series, business luxury off-road SUV series; Powerful off-road performance, electronically controlled part-time four-wheel drive, active suspension frame; exterior design full of hardcore style and power; High-strength body design.

Tenderness – Comfortable and Luxurious Experience & User Caring Spirit


Exquisite, comfortable and luxurious interior design in contrast to the “iron” appearance; All-terrain control, off-road expert mode; Full-sensory immersive experience, all-terrain and full-scenario comfort experience; Caring on the road both in the city and off-road Guarantee and pay careful attention to every user.

Reasons Why Off-road Vehicles Choose TANK

Tank SUV provides more excellent performance and more intelligent off-road experience.

Power system

Equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 167kW and a maximum torque of 387Nm, matched with a ZF 9AT transmission. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a 48V mild hybrid system, which ensures strong power while taking into account fuel economy.

Intelligent driving assistance system

A new generation of intelligent four-wheel drive, with millisecond-level power distribution response and a torque capacity of 1900N m. It has 4 different drive modes and takes into account both urban and off-road environments.

Off-road functions

Equipped with a new generation of all-terrain self-recognition and self-switching system, combined with voice switching of all-terrain mode, wading mode and other technological off-road functions, it is one of the most intelligent luxury off-road SUVs in the world.

Smart safety technology

Equipped with a number of intelligent safety technologies, such as automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, etc., to improve driving safety.

Off-road auxiliary technology

The tank is equipped with a number of off-road auxiliary technologies, such as off-road mode, steep slope descent, electronic differential lock, etc., to improve the safety and stability of off-road driving.

FAQs about Importing TANK Cars from China

What is the delivery time and shipping method for Tank SUV?

Delivery time may vary due to multiple factors such as production time, shipping distance, etc. Generally, vehicles can be delivered within weeks of ordering. Customers can choose land transportation or sea transportation to transport the vehicle to the destination. Land transportation takes a relatively short time, but requires customers to receive the vehicle at the destination and complete relevant procedures; sea transportation takes a longer time, but can provide wider coverage.

What is the price and purchase process of Tank SUV?

The price of tank SUV varies according to different models and configurations. Customers can consult and place orders with GuangcaiCar staff. The purchase process generally includes steps such as selecting a car model, paying a deposit, signing a car purchase contract, and paying the balance.

What about accessories and modification services for tANK SUVs?

TANK provides a wide range of accessories and modification services. Customers can customize and upgrade the vehicle according to their personal preferences and needs. At the same time, Tank SUV also provides professional modification guidance and suggestions to ensure that customers’ vehicles can still maintain optimal performance and safety after modification.

What is the safety performance of tank SUV?

The Tank SUV is equipped with a number of active safety technologies, such as adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, etc., which improves driving safety. At the same time, the tank SUV also uses high-strength materials and advanced manufacturing processes to provide safer protection for passengers.

How is the driving experience of the tank SUV?

The driving experience of the tank SUV is very good. The vehicle is equipped with an efficient engine and transmission, which provides smooth and powerful acceleration performance. At the same time, the suspension system and four-wheel drive system of the tank SUV have also been carefully adjusted to provide a more stable and comfortable driving experience.

What is the size and space of the tank SUV?

Tank SUV is a medium to large SUV with spacious interior and comfortable ride. Depending on the car model and configuration, the interior space will also be different. At the same time, the Tank SUV also provides abundant storage space and trunk space, making it convenient for customers to carry luggage and items.

What is the fuel consumption of tank SUV?

The fuel consumption performance of a tank SUV depends on many factors, such as driving habits, road conditions, vehicle usage, etc. According to test data from the Chinese market, the tank SUV has excellent fuel consumption performance and can meet the daily needs of customers.

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