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SAIC-GM Electric Vehicles Will Be Able to Use Tesla Charging Piles

Click to see more blogs SAIC-GM, a joint venture created by SAIC and General Motors, recently announced that it will cooperate with Tesla by the end of 2023 to enable its electric vehicles to use Tesla’s Supercharging network. This move makes SAIC-GM the first Chinese car brand to obtain access to Tesla’s Supercharging network through […]

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The Top 5 Global Manufacturers of Electric Vehicle

Over the past decade, the electric vehicle market has experienced unprecedented growth. In 2021, almost one in 10 cars sold globally will be electric. By 2022, global electric vehicle sales in the first half of the year increased by 62% compared with 2021, with electric vehicle sales exceeding 2 million in the first quarter of […]

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How Much Does A Battery Replacement Cost for An Electric car

What car owners need to know about electric vehicle charging How to choose your vehicle insurance for new energy vehicles New Energy Vehicle Battery Technology Showdown In general, it is believed that maintaining and operating an electric car is more cost-effective than one powered by gasoline. That’s because electric vehicles run on electricity alone rather […]

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New Energy Vehicle Battery Technology Showdown

With the proliferation of new energy vehicle brands, the market share of new energy vehicles has been increasing year by year. In these vehicles, the power battery accounts for more than 40% of the overall value. After years of iteration, power battery technology has become more mature. Battery technology has always been a key factor […]