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All New NIO ES6 All Round Launch Experience

NIO ES6 has shortened the pace from debut to launch this time, and has also shipped the new car to stores across the country in advance, enabling it to be launched today and delivered tomorrow. As NIO’s main model in the next stage, how does the new ES6 perform? GuangcaiCar also went to experience it in […]

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The Most Complete Introduction to China’s Electric Car Brands

With the support of national policies, the development of electric vehicles is getting better and better. The latest release of electric vehicle data shows that as of 2022, China’s electric vehicle ownership has reached 13.1 million units. In the first half of 2023, electric vehicle sales have reached 3.747 million units. Many new electric car […]

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How About Import Electric Cars from China to Russia

As global attention to environmental protection and sustainable development continues to increase, the electric vehicle market is rapidly emerging. As one of the world’s largest electric vehicle markets, the development prospects of Chinese electric vehicles in the Russian market have also attracted much attention. Let’s see how it goes about import electric cars from China […]

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Why Import Electric Cars From China

With the growing global concern for environmental protection and sustainable development, the electric vehicle market is rapidly emerging as an essential development direction for the global automotive industry. As one of the world’s largest markets for electric vehicles, China has attracted the attention of many automotive importers. So why import electric cars from China? Here […]

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The Top 5 Global Manufacturers of Electric Vehicle

Over the past decade, the electric vehicle market has experienced unprecedented growth. In 2021, almost one in 10 cars sold globally will be electric. By 2022, global electric vehicle sales in the first half of the year increased by 62% compared with 2021, with electric vehicle sales exceeding 2 million in the first quarter of […]