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Why was Li Auto overtaken by AITO Auto?

Recently, Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturer Li Auto released its full-year financial report for 2023, which is quite eye-catching. The financial report shows that Li Auto achieved annual revenue of $17.2 billion, net profit of $1.64 billion, and cash reserves of $14.4 billion. Unlike the beautiful financial results, the ideal car in reality is not outstanding. […]

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Why import BYD cars from China

On December 23, the eve of Christmas, there was breaking European news. Deutsche Welle published a report – “The Austrian government wants to buy Chinese cars. Is it a blessing or a curse?” ”, which means that the Austrian government intends to purchase electric vehicles produced by the Chinese manufacturer BYD to use them as […]

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The Most Complete Introduction to China’s Electric Car Brands

With the support of national policies, the development of electric vehicles is getting better and better. The latest release of electric vehicle data shows that as of 2022, China’s electric vehicle ownership has reached 13.1 million units. In the first half of 2023, electric vehicle sales have reached 3.747 million units. Many new electric car […]

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How About Import Electric Cars from China to Russia

As global attention to environmental protection and sustainable development continues to increase, the electric vehicle market is rapidly emerging. As one of the world’s largest electric vehicle markets, the development prospects of Chinese electric vehicles in the Russian market have also attracted much attention. Let’s see how it goes about import electric cars from China […]

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China’s New Energy Cars: Exports Hit a New High in October

As the world pays increasing attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, the new energy vehicle market is rising rapidly. China, one of the world’s largest new energy vehicle markets, continues to set new records in its export volume. According to the latest data from the Passenger Car Association, China’s new energy passenger vehicle exports […]

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Why Import Electric Cars From China

With the growing global concern for environmental protection and sustainable development, the electric vehicle market is rapidly emerging as an essential development direction for the global automotive industry. As one of the world’s largest markets for electric vehicles, China has attracted the attention of many automotive importers. So why import electric cars from China? Here […]

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Chinese Brands’ SUV Sales Shine in October

China’s SUV market saw a bumper harvest in October, with Chinese auto brands performing particularly brightly. Among the top 10 sellers, seven models came from Chinese independent brands, showing the strength of the Chinese auto industry in the SUV segment. The rise of new energy vehicles was particularly evident this month. Among the top three […]

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The First Spy Photos of FANG CHENG BAO BAO 3 are Revealed

Click here to see other blogs There is other information. The third model of FANG CHENG BAO’s “583 Hardcore Family”. FANG CHENG BAO BAO 3 has also recently exposed its latest test spy photos. The new car is still a hard-core SUV with a lower positioning and a more affordable price. The front face of […]

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New Energy Vehicle Battery Technology Showdown

With the proliferation of new energy vehicle brands, the market share of new energy vehicles has been increasing year by year. In these vehicles, the power battery accounts for more than 40% of the overall value. After years of iteration, power battery technology has become more mature. Battery technology has always been a key factor […]

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Three New Energy Vehicles Within $13,988

Nowadays, new energy vehicles are very popular, what we want to say is the “three musketeers” of the pure electricity era, “NETA V, Seagull, Bingo”, these three cars have the common characteristics of “cheap, practical, easy to drive, and economic”, which is the most balanced performance in the new era and the most representative of […]

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BYD Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition New Car Launched

As a new model, the appearance of BYD Song Pro DM-i has not changed. It adopts a dazzling dragon-shaped front face design. The dragon-scale hexagonal lattice grille is decorated with chrome dot elements. It is matched with dragon-eye headlights, which makes it look particularly energetic. The side shape is very eye-catching. The D-pillar is equipped […]