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On September 25, both the extended-range version and the pure electric version of the AITO M9 officially announced the pre-sale price range. The extended-range version and pure electric version of the AITO M9 are expected to sell for $69,991-$83990.

Both the extended-range version and the pure electric version are expected to be officially launched in December 2023. Maybe the official price will surprise you then!

AITO M9 static experience

1. Motivation

The pure electric version uses dual motors at the front and rear. The power of the front motor reaches 160 kW and the power of the rear motor reaches 230 kW. Compared with the AITO M5, which has a front motor power of 165 kW and a rear motor power of 200 kW, the AITO M7 has a front motor power of 130 kW and a rear motor power of 200 kW. The power of AITO M9 is higher.

The extended-range version of the M9 still uses a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender with a maximum power of 112 kilowatts. The height of the motor remains the same as that of the pure electric version.

2. Appearance Design

As the flagship SUV of the AITO brand, M9 is also the third model of AITO. You can clearly see the difference between M9 and M5, and M7 in appearance. It can also be said that each of the three models has its own characteristics, and they do not use very obvious family characteristics like Lixiang or NIO.

M9 follows Huawei’s aesthetic principles – extreme, simple and pure. From the appearance point of view, the M9 vehicle is relatively rounded, with no prominent edges and corners, turning into a silent force in every square inch. Everything revolves around “people”.

The latest Hongmeng cockpit system is very smart, with a lidar driving assistance system. Kunpeng’s ambition has no boundaries, integrates technology into emotions, and gives products a high sense of intelligent life.

AITO M9 static experience

The side of the car body is inspired by the shape of the Chinese mythical creature Kunpeng, and a lot of thought has been spent on the streamlined shape. In addition to the rounded appearance, the M9 also uses suspended rearview mirrors, hidden door handles, flat side windows, aerodynamic wheels, etc. The drag coefficient has also reached 0.26Cd, which is lower than both the ideal L9 and the AITO M7.

AITO M9 static experience
AITO M9 static experience

3. Interior

The overall interior of AITO M9 still has a minimalist design style, with few physical buttons and a pocket guard. Compared with the M7, which is equipped with a main driving LCD instrument and a 15.6-inch central control screen, the M9 is only equipped with an overall triple screen. Above the screen is a HUD head-up display, and below are two wireless charging panels.

The second row has two independent seats equipped with ventilation, heating, and massage functions.

AITO M9 static experience

4. Summary

The above is GuangcaiCar’s static introduction to the AITO M9. In the near future, we will conduct a dynamic test on the M9. At that time, let’s take a look at what new feeling the M9’s all-aluminum alloy chassis, air suspension, and CDC variable damping shock absorbers bring to the chassis?

AITO M9 static experience

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