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SAIC-GM, a joint venture created by SAIC and General Motors, recently announced that it will cooperate with Tesla by the end of 2023 to enable its electric vehicles to use Tesla’s Supercharging network. This move makes SAIC-GM the first Chinese car brand to obtain access to Tesla’s Supercharging network through cooperation. So, SAIC-GM electric vehicles will be able to use Tesla charging piles.

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The partnership will allow electric vehicles from Cadillac and Buick, both brands, to access Tesla’s Superchargers and Destination Charging Stations. According to a statement from SAIC-GM, Cadillac and Buick owners can find available Tesla Supercharging stations through a mobile app.

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Tesla China

Tesla’s charging network in China is extensive, including more than 1,800 supercharging stations and 11,000 charging piles. In addition, Tesla China also operates more than 700 destination charging stations and has more than 2,000 charging piles. These charging piles are considerable and can effectively support SAIC-GM’s electric vehicles.

Although Tesla’s Super Charging Network previously only served Tesla owners, in April this year, Tesla decided to open its fast charging network to other electric vehicle brands on a pilot basis. At the beginning of the year, Tesla had opened 10 Supercharging stations and 120 destination charging stations for non-Tesla models.

Tesla Super Fast Charge

SAIC-GM electric vehicles will be able to use Tesla charging piles

At the same time, SAIC-GM is also actively building its charging network. Currently, SAIC-GM has 52 charging stations and 246 charging piles. SAIC-GM has reached an agreement with six other charging service providers to obtain the use of more than 500,000 charging piles in China. This strategy is very similar to General Motors’ strategy in the United States. In June of this year, General Motors announced that it would introduce Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) into its electric vehicles starting in 2025. Tesla’s Supercharger agreement has been welcomed with enthusiasm because it could provide owners of GM’s electric vehicles with a vast and reliable fast-charging network.

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