Real Life Photos of 2023 Mazda MX-30 R-EV are Released

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The new Mazda MX30 R-EV range-extended hybrid version uses a rotary engine as a range extender, which attracted huge attention upon its release, adding a touch of specialness to the already special MX-30 model.

In terms of appearance, the new car is of course not significantly different from the pure electric version. The front face adopts a distinctive design language. The flat upper grille has only one narrow horizontal strip, with the Mazda logo inlaid in the center, and the interior has a special dot-matrix chrome-plated middle grille is filled, and flat headlight groups are inserted on the left and right sides.

The front bumper has a large-area sealed panel decoration, and the trapezoidal lower grille is surrounded by thick plastic. Horizontal decorative strips are introduced to further enhance the sense of layering and design.

On the side of the body, the new car is quite unique, with special cross-border sports lines, a low body, and a large tilt angle of the D-pillar. It has a coupe style, and at the same time it is very stout and exudes a strong SUV atmosphere.

The side skirts are surrounded by plastic, and the more special one is the double-door design, which is really rare in mass-produced cars with relatively ordinary prices. Moreover, the rear door does not have the normal door size, it is smaller, and is only for less decent access. Of course, details such as the contrasting color body and chrome decoration on the D-pillar will not be absent.

At the rear of the car, the new car uses the iconic Mazda family-style taillights. The circular red light source leads to horizontal decorative strips on the left and right sides. The rear windshield is tilted at a very large angle, and the roof has a large spoiler. A large-area guard plate is added to the bumper, which corresponds to the style of the front and sides of the car, exuding a unique atmosphere.

The R-EV logo on the lower right corner of the trunk lid shows its special identity. In the interior part, the new car also adopts the latest family style, but it is also unique. It is not unusual for the floating large-size LCD screen and the instrument panel LCD screen to form an explanation system, but this car places an extra piece in the front area of the armrest box. The air conditioning control screen is also unique in the Mazda brand.

The exquisite electronic gear lever style is the same as that of CX-60, 90 and other models. The horizontal air-conditioning outlet decoration, leather stitching technology and other details that can be seen everywhere will not be absent, plus a larger area of suede decoration and other elements. , showing a stronger sense of movement.

The unique suspended shift area has a multi-level layout, and even some wood grain texture panel filling is added, which is completely different from the design style of the entire interior, further enhancing the sense of personality. As for the rear seats, since the door is not large, the space is not large. It is a Mazda brand itself and a model that pursues individuality. Of course, you can’t ask for too much.

Power is of course the biggest focus of the car. The new car uses the iconic rotary engine as a range extender. It is different from the dual rotors of RX-8 and other models. Since the range extender is only used to generate electricity, it does not provide direct power. So it is only equipped with a single rotor, but with a larger radius and a new compression ratio, focusing more on power generation efficiency rather than power output.

In the end, the maximum power is only 76 horsepower, and the displacement of 0.8 liters is quite small, which further achieves the goal of weight reduction. Matching it is a front-mounted single motor with a maximum power of 172 horsepower, a maximum torque of 260 Nm, and an acceleration of 100 kilometers per hour in 9.1 seconds, which is a very ordinary performance.

Matching it is a 17.8 kWh lithium battery pack with a pure electric range of 80 kilometers, which is not very outstanding. Fortunately, the addition of the internal combustion engine supports long-distance driving without range anxiety, making it even better than the electric version. , and the 50 kilowatt charging power can charge the battery to 80% in 25 minutes, which is a good performance.

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