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Recently, GuangcaiCar obtained specific model information of the new SAIC Volkswagen Polo from relevant channels. It is reported that the new SAIC Volkswagen Polo will be released this year, and the front face will be upgraded to provide LED headlights, electronic parking, disc brakes and other configurations. For reference, the price range of the Volkswagen Polo currently on sale is $12,668-$17,406.

New polo front appearance

New Volkswagen Polo overseas version

As early as 2021, the mid-term facelift version of the sixth-generation Volkswagen Polo has been released overseas, mainly adjusting the appearance and interior. However, SAIC-Volkswagen did not update simultaneously at that time. Now, SAIC Volkswagen will launch a mid-term facelift version of Polo this year. 

New polo patent picture

New Polo China Patent Picture

polo rear appearance

Cash Polo 

New polo patent picture

New Polo China Patent Picture

Cash Polo

Combined with the previously exposed domestic patent drawings of the new Polo, the car’s appearance continues the design of the new Polo overseas version, and the headlight outline and internal structure have been adjusted. In addition, the shape of the taillights has also been changed. It is reported that the new SAIC Volkswagen Polo will be equipped with LED headlights, electronic parking and disc brakes. 

New Polo Interior

New Polo Overseas Version

Referring to the overseas version of the new Polo, it is expected that the new SAIC Volkswagen Polo will also be equipped with a new-style steering wheel, and the air-conditioning control panel will be changed to touch operation. The power system of the new SAIC Volkswagen Polo is currently unknown. As a mid-term facelift version, it is expected to continue to be equipped with a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine. The Volkswagen Polo is positioned as a small car, at the same level as the Honda Fit. Sales data shows that in the past year, China’s Volkswagen Polo sales were 38,227 units.

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