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With the proliferation of new energy vehicle brands, the market share of new energy vehicles has been increasing year by year. In these vehicles, the power battery accounts for more than 40% of the overall value. After years of iteration, power battery technology has become more mature.

Battery technology has always been a key factor affecting the performance and popularity of new energy vehicles. Today, we will take you on a deep dive into four representative new energy vehicle battery technologies: BYD’s Blade Battery, Tesla’s 4680 Battery, AION‘s Magazine Battery, and ZEEKR equipped with Kirin Battery. These battery technologies have their own characteristics and exhibit different performance in terms of range, charging/discharging efficiency, and safety.

BYD Blade Battery

As a leading brand in the Chinese new energy vehicle market, BYD has seen its annual sales of new energy vehicles continuously rise, ranking among the top nationwide.

BYD is one of the few manufacturers still focused on researching lithium iron phosphate batteries, and the Blade Battery technology is an advanced power battery technology developed independently by BYD. Compared to traditional square-shaped batteries, the Blade Battery adopts a more compact and efficient design resembling a “blade.” It consists of multiple thin blades, each with positive and negative electrode materials, a separator, and an electrolyte. This design improves energy density, power density, and heat dissipation performance.


The Blade Battery technology has high safety performance. Because each slice is individually packaged. So even if one of the lamellae fails, the other lamellae can still function normally. This improves the reliability of the entire battery system. It also has a longer lifespan and lower cost. The Blade Battery enables fast charging and efficient discharging, making it suitable for various types of electric vehicles.

Tesla 4680 Battery technology

Tesla, a global leader in electric vehicle manufacturing, has gained wide acclaim for its innovative design, exceptional performance, and environmental consciousness. The Model 3, designed by Tesla, is currently one of the best-selling new energy vehicles.

The 4680 lithium-ion battery used by Tesla is a high-performance and high-capacity battery. It takes the form of a cylindrical cell created through winding, providing high energy density for longer driving range. It also exhibits good cycle performance and long lifespan, with stable performance during charging and discharging and high safety levels. To maximize these advantages, Tesla adopts a modular design that not only provides a large power output but also enhances the overall system safety by dispersing risks.


Aion Magazine Battery

GAC Aion is a new energy vehicle subsidiary under GAC Group, focusing on the development and production of new energy vehicles. It is one of the leading new energy vehicle manufacturers in China, using commonly seen ternary lithium batteries.

Today, Aion adopts the Magazine Battery, a battery integration technology developed by GAC Aion to meet the thermal safety requirements of electric vehicles. Structurally, it adopts a magazine safety chamber design, with battery modules resembling individual magazines placed within the battery pack. Each individual cell in the battery pack is isolated within its own safety chamber, effectively preventing the spread of thermal runaway, greatly enhancing safety.


For electric vehicles, battery safety is a fundamental requirement. Magazine Battery is a systematic technology specially developed to enhance the safety of power batteries, encompassing intrinsic safety precautions, passive safety reinforcement, and active safety control.

ZEEKR Kirin Battery technology

ZEEKR is a Chinese new energy vehicle brand dedicated to the research and development of electric vehicles. They are committed to providing high-performance, high-quality electric vehicle products. And this meets consumer demand for clean energy transportation. The Kirin battery installed in ZEEKR is also a hot battery technology.

Kirin battery is a new type of ternary lithium-ion battery technology. It is jointly developed by Chinese companies Huawei and CATL. It uses a unique silicon anode material and an advanced battery management system. And it is designed to improve the energy density, charge and discharge speed and cycle life of the battery.


Whether it is BYD blade battery or GAC AION magazine battery. They all improve the thermal safety and endurance performance of new energy vehicles to varying degrees. With the continuous advancement and innovation of technology. And I believe that more and more advanced battery technologies will appear in the future. This can bring us a better driving experience and environmental protection benefits.

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