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Lotus is a world-famous sports car and racing manufacturer founded in 1948 and headquartered in Heysel, Norfolk, England. Lotus cars are known for their lightweight design and pure driving pleasure. Every Lotus embodies the philosophy of brand founder Colin Chapman – everything is for the driver.

In the era of electrification, Lotus Cars actively responds to the concept of environmental protection, vigorously develops and promotes new energy technologies, and strives to provide consumers with better electric models and a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.

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Performance Comes From Lightweight Design

Lotus remains true to the principles of founder Colin Chapman and insists on a development direction purely for driving. 


Innovative engineering, cutting-edge technology and advanced materials are combined to ensure that every Lotus is the best proof that “performance comes from lightweight design”.

Lotus ELETRE - Luxury Hyper SUV


Luxurious Configuration

15.1-inch ultra-thin floating OLED touch screen; 12.6-inch ultra-narrow main and passenger screens; 29-inch large HUD; Liquid metal shift paddles and temperature adjustment paddles; Integrated supercar-style seats.

Surging Power

Top speed 265km/h; Peak power 905hp; High-performance 2-speed gearbox; Front and rear permanent magnet synchronous motors.

Track-grade Chassis

6D chassis system; Intelligent dynamic control system.

Clearer and Farther Radar

4 lidars; 7 8-megapixel cameras; 4 2-megapixel surround-view cameras; 2 4D imaging millimeter wave radars; 4 angle millimeter wave radars; 12 ultrasonic radars; 1 attention detection camera.

Super computing power

Dual Orin-X chips, 508TOPS super computing power; Achieve rapid identification, precise braking and efficient avoidance.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

Lotus NYO - Aerodynamics and Lightweight Design

In the Lotus Eletre, you can see that it uses a lot of innovative aerodynamic designs to achieve more efficient airflow through the body. The use of aerodynamic design helps reduce wind resistance and improve vehicle handling stability. This is also the performance pursuit that Lotus Cars has always adhered to, which fully demonstrates Lotus’ profound technical strength and accumulation in aerodynamics.


Lotus has always regarded lightweight design as one of its core competencies. Eletre uses carbon fiber composite materials to make parts such as the roof, rearview mirror housing and rear wing to reduce the weight of the body and improve the strength of the body. At the same time, aluminum alloy materials are used in the engine cover, fenders, front anti-collision beam, rear anti-collision beam, rear floor and other parts.

Technological Experience Unique to Lotus

The application of these technologies helps improve Lotus’ performance, control experience and cruising range, allowing consumers to enjoy a more convenient, comfortable, efficient and safe driving experience.

High-strength body structure

The body structure of Lotus cars uses high-strength materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the strength and durability of the body. The high-strength body structure can effectively absorb and disperse the impact force during a collision, improving the safety performance of the vehicle.

Aerodynamic design

It adopts excellent aerodynamic design, and through the optimization of body lines, fenders, bottom and other parts, it reduces wind resistance and wind noise, and improves the vehicle’s handling and stability. In addition, aerodynamic design also helps improve the vehicle’s energy efficiency and range.

Power system technology

Advanced motor and electronic control technology achieve efficient energy conversion and excellent acceleration performance. At the same time, the vehicle is also equipped with an energy recovery system, which improves energy utilization efficiency by recovering and utilizing energy during braking.

Intelligent driving technology

Lotus is equipped with a variety of intelligent driving technologies, including adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, full-speed intelligent cruise, automatic parking, etc. The application of these intelligent driving technologies can improve driving safety and comfort while reducing driver fatigue.

Charging technology

Eletre uses fast charging and wireless charging technology to shorten charging time and improve usage efficiency. At the same time, the vehicle is also equipped with an intelligent charging management system, which can realize real-time monitoring and control of the charging process to ensure the safety and stability of the charging process.

Internet of Vehicles technology

Through Internet of Vehicles technology, real-time information interaction with the external environment is realized, providing drivers with a more convenient and intelligent driving experience.

FAQs about Importing or Driving Lotus Cars from China

Do Lotus cars comply with local market regulations and standards?

Lotus cars fully consider local market regulations and standards during the design and manufacturing process, including safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, etc. We will ensure that Lotus vehicles comply with relevant regulations and standards in the local market and provide customers with safe and reliable automotive products.

Is the maintenance of Lotus cars convenient?

Lotus Automobile has established a complete after-sales service network and parts supply system in domestic and foreign markets to provide customers with timely and professional maintenance services.

How is the driving experience of Lotus cars?

Lotus cars are famous for their excellent driving experience. Their lightweight, high-performance engines and advanced suspension systems can provide customers with the ultimate driving pleasure and control experience.

At the same time, Lotus cars also focus on the balance of comfort and safety performance to provide customers with a more comprehensive driving experience.

Is China's car culture different from Western countries?

Although China’s car culture is different from that of Western countries, Lotus cars, as a global brand, fully consider the needs and trends of the global market in terms of design and technology. At the same time, the Chinese automobile market is also very open, attracting many international brands to enter, and is characterized by multiculturalism.

How much does it cost to insure a Lotus car?

Since Lotus cars are high-end brands, the corresponding insurance costs will be relatively high.

What is the battery technology and cruising range of Lotus new energy vehicles?

Lotus new energy vehicles adopt the most advanced battery technology and efficient energy management system, which can provide high cruising range and fast charging capabilities. We provide versions with different cruising ranges for customers to choose from.

Are the prices of Lotus new energy vehicles cheaper than in other countries?

Although the manufacturing cost of electric vehicles in China is relatively low, the price of electric vehicles does not only depend on the manufacturing cost, but is also affected by market supply and demand, brand positioning, competition and other factors. 

As a high-end brand, the price of Lotus new energy vehicles is comparable to that of other high-end brands of electric vehicles. However, compared with similar models in other countries, the price competitiveness in the Chinese market is also very significant.

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Lightweight Design and Pure Driving Pleasure

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