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Recently, Li Auto announced that the cumulative deliveries in 2023 exceeded 300,000 units. It also announced data that the single-vehicle deliveries of Li L7, Li L8 and Li L9 have all exceeded 100,000 units.

Specific situation

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From the official announcement of the specific data, August 30, 2022, Li L9 opened for delivery, and the first whole delivery month in September 2022 broke 10,000; August 30, 2023 to complete the 100,000th delivery, as of October 2023, has been 14 consecutive months in the sales of large SUV champion; November 10, 2022 Li L8 opened for delivery, December 2022 On November 10, 2022, Li L8 started delivery, and on December 12, 2022, the 100,000th delivery was completed on October 20, 2023; on March 11, 2023, Li L7 started delivery, and on April 4, 2023, the 100,000th delivery was completed on November 7, 2023. On October 20, 2023, Li L7 was ranked as the champion of sales of medium-sized and large SUVs for 8 consecutive months since its first delivery month.

New car

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In addition, on the opening day of the Guangzhou Auto Show, Li Auto flagship model MEGA officially opened for booking, with its official pricing locked within the 500,000-600,000 RMB range. The first two hours after the booking window started, more than 10,000 units were reserved. The new car’s list price will be revealed in December of this year, and deliveries are anticipated to start in late February of the following year.


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With a 302.1% year-over-year gain, the total number of Li Auto shipped in October reached 40,422, accomplishing monthly deliveries beyond the 40,000 mark for the first time. It is anticipated that the fourth quarter will see close to 130,000 units delivered overall. From a comprehensive industry perspective, Li Auto sales upward trend will continue for some time, but AITO should already be giving Li a “sense of crisis”.

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