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LEAPMOTOR Auto is an innovative smart electric vehicle brand launched by Zhejiang LEAPMOTOR Technology Co., Ltd. Since its establishment on December 24, 2015, LEAPMOTOR has always adhered to independent research and development of core technologies. 

It is committed to developing technological, fashionable and tasteful smart electric vehicles to bring consumers more smart experiences and green travel methods.

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Leap car
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type Front wheel drive
Leap car
mid-size SUV
Type of Energy Extended range Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type rear wheel drive
Leap car
medium and large car
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type rear wheel drive

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Abandon Redundant Styling Features and Reduce Visual Load

Leapmotor pursues a simple, smooth and natural appearance design. In terms of overall styling, it focuses on the fluidity and smoothness of lines to reduce wind resistance and visual load.


At the same time, it also pays attention to the coordination and beauty of the body proportions to create a modern and fashionable appearance style.

LEAPMOTOR C01 Extend - Technology Travel Sedan


Powerful Battery Life

Maximum pure electric range of 316km, maximum battery capacity of 43.7kWh; maximum comprehensive range of 1276km.

Comfortable Driving

Front double wishbone/rear five-link independent suspension; aluminum alloy full-frame front subframe at the level of BIM luxury cars.

Integrated Comfort Seat

Ergonomic design; front seats can be heated, ventilated, and massaged; rear seats can be heated; rear seats can be heated.

Leapmotor OS Smart Cockpit

Qualcomm Snapdragon SA8155P digital cockpit chip; Ai face recognition; immersive triple screen; intelligent voice assistant.

Leapmotor Pilot Intelligent Driving Assistance

APA intelligent parking system; HWA high-speed driving assist; ICA high-speed cruise assist; ALC automatic lane change assist; FCW forward collision warning; AEB automatic emergency braking; SDIS narrow road assist system.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

LEAPMOTOR C11 Extend - Smart Travel Large SUV


Luxurious Five-seater

Vehicle space is 4780mm, vehicle width is 1905mm, vehicle height is 1675mm; wheelbase is 2930mm, embracing cockpit; trunk volume is 375L.

Technology and Natural Aesthetic Design

Time capsule sports front fascia; Frameless doors, front double-layer silent glass; Running water through taillights; Hidden door handles.

Leapmotor OS Smart Cockpit

Qualcomm Snapdragon SA8155P; immersive triple screen; Ai face recognition; multiple scene modes; voice assistant.

Top Configuration

Front double wishbone, rear five-link suspension; variable architecture oil-cooled electric drive; high-performance range extension system

Intelligent Driving Assistance Functions

LCC lane center keeping; TJA traffic jam assist; ALC automatic lane change assist; SDIS narrow lane assist system; LCA lane change warning.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

LEAPMOTOR C01 - Technology Limousine


High End Taste

Sensory suede ceiling; 1.31m² coated and insulated panoramic canopy; Nappa leather seats; floating door handles with electric inward opening; front seats with three-dimensional hollow headrest design.

Intelligent Car Connection

Car control by watch; interconnection between mobile phone and car; AI face recognition intelligent adaptive system; one-click front and rear seat linkage.

Confident Driving Control

CTC battery chassis integrated technology; variable structure oil-cooled electric drive assembly; front double wishbone and rear five-link.

Intelligent Driving Assistance Functions

28 pieces of high-precision sensing hardware realize 23 intelligent driving assistance functions.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

LEAPMOTOR C11 - Smart Super Electric SUV

Fusion of Technology and Sensibility

High-performance exclusive sports wheels; Penetrating digital crystal headlights; Hidden door handles.

Large Panorama

11,400cm² panoramic sunroof can be opened and supports voice control; 14,932cm² panoramic starry sky roof improves the field of view by 8% and has an ultraviolet isolation rate of 99.5%.

Digital Configuration

Rear integrated multimedia control screen; 8 charging units throughout the car; 6D ergonomic seats; New in-car fresh air 2.0 system.

AI Intelligent Battery Management System

Real-time monitoring and early warning of battery data; BMS wakes up the vehicle in case of thermal runaway; Full-time active protection in the vehicle and cloud.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

LEAPMOTOR T03 - Super Safe Pure Electric Car


Excellent Driving Control

80kw motor; 3×3 driving mode; Electronic handbrake + AutoHold.

More Convenient and Efficient

The panoramic canopy provides a wider view inside the car; one-touch opening and closing of electric sunshades; intelligent voice control system; one-touch car search, battery preheating, automatic parking, air conditioning on and off, and Bluetooth key.

Ensure Safety

68% high-strength steel cage body; continuous laser brazing of the roof; active wake-up in case of battery thermal runaway.

Driving Assistance

L2 level intelligent driving assistance system; 15 high-precision sensors; 10 intelligent driving assistance functions.

Maximum Cruising Range
Maximum Power
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

LEAMOTOR - the "New Car Manufacturing Force" in China's New Energy Vehicle Field.

From its establishment in 2015 to the present, it has adhered to independent research and development and actively invested in the research and development and innovation of core technologies. Regardless of whether it is smart power, smart driving, or smart cockpit, they all carry out self-research in all areas without exception. So far, Leapmotor has been able to produce 70% of its product parts independently.


At the same time, Leapmotor’s annual delivery volume in 2022 reached 111,000 vehicles, nearly doubling year-on-year, and its share in China’s new energy market also increased by 1.7 percentage points to 10.6%. Obviously, Leapmotor has become a potential choice for new energy vehicles for Chinese users.

LEAPMOTOR Auto Independently Developed

Through independent research and development, LEAPMOTOR has formed a relatively complete technical system and product system, providing consumers with higher-quality, high-performance smart electric vehicle products and services.

Battery technology

LEAPMOTOR has conducted independent research and development in battery technology, launched battery pack-less CTC battery chassis integration technology, and achieved self-research and manufacturing of everything except battery cells. In addition, Leapmotor also plans to launch CTC 2.0 technology, which will realize CTC for all vehicle models and have higher integration, lighter weight and better performance.

Assisted driving system

LEAPMOTOR has also conducted self-research and development on assisted driving systems, launched a self-developed assisted driving system, and mastered the full self-developed ability of assisted driving. The system includes self-developed chips, auxiliary algorithms, perception, multi-sensor fusion, positioning, prediction, control and other algorithms and AI training platform and other fully self-developed technologies. In addition, Leapmotor is also equipped with two self-developed Lingxin 01 intelligent driving chips, which can realize multiple assisted driving functions.

Three-electricity system

LEAPMOTOR has also conducted comprehensive independent research and development on three-electricity systems, launching three major vehicle platforms and three core technologies including “three-electricity” system, intelligent network connection system, and autonomous driving system.

Internet of Vehicles Technology

LEAPMOTOR has independently developed Internet of vehicles technology, which can realize the interconnection between vehicles and smart devices such as mobile phones and computers.

Smart cockpit technology

LEAPMOTOR has independently developed smart cockpit technology, which integrates multiple functions such as voice recognition, gesture recognition, and facial recognition. Drivers can more conveniently control various functions of the vehicle, improving driving comfort and safety.

Autonomous driving technology

LEAPMOTOR has independently developed autonomous driving technology. This technology integrates a number of sensors and algorithms and can realize autonomous driving functions in a variety of scenarios. Among them, Leapmotor also released China’s first self-developed car-grade AI smart driving chip – Lingxin 01. This chip integrates a high-performance AI neuron processor, which can provide more powerful AI computing power and support Access to 12 cameras to achieve near-L3 level autonomous driving functions.

FAQs about Importing or Driving LEAPMOTOR Cars from China

I am overseas, how do I buy a LEAPMOTOR car?

You can learn about purchase information through LEAPMOTOR’s official website or local dealers, but generally they do not provide relative export services, which is more cumbersome for you. On the contrary, GuangwuCar can not only provide you with the latest car sources, but also Can provide professional car import and export services, you only need to wait for the vehicle to arrive at home.

How do I charge my LEAPMOTOR car?

Every LEAPMOTOR car will be equipped with a charger. You only need to connect the charger to the 220V power supply, and then connect it to the charging port of the vehicle to charge. At the same time, you can also use charging piles for charging.

What is the cruising range of the LEAPMOTOR car?

The cruising range of LEAPMOTOR cars will vary depending on factors such as model and driving habits. Generally speaking, the cruising range of LEAPMOTOR cars can reach more than 300 kilometers.

How does it feel to drive a LEAPMOTOR car?

The driving experience of LEAPMOTOR cars varies from person to person, but according to feedback from car owners, drivers can enjoy a smooth and comfortable driving experience. At the same time, the vehicle’s acceleration and handling performance are also very good.

Does LEAPMOTOR car need maintenance?

Yes, LEAPMOTOR cars require regular maintenance. Generally speaking, vehicles need to be maintained every 5,000 kilometers, including changing engine oil, engine filters, etc.

Do I need to pay purchase tax on LEAPMOTOR cars?

In some countries and regions, the purchase of new energy vehicles is exempt from purchase tax. However, specific policies vary by country and region, and you need to check with the relevant local departments for specific information.

How to use the driving assistance system of LEAPMOTOR car?

The driving assistance system of LEAPMOTOR cars includes adaptive cruise, automatic parking and other functions. You can select the corresponding functions and set them in the vehicle’s menu. At the same time, related operations can also be performed through the voice control system.


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