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Li Auto from China is a leading electric vehicle manufacturer committed to revolutionizing green travel. At the core of Li ’s mission is sustainability, striving to mitigate environmental impact and reduce carbon emissions through cutting-edge electric vehicle technology.

Committed to smart connectivity, it provides remote control and real-time monitoring through smartphone apps to enhance the driving experience.

You can import Li Auto through GuangcaiCar to create a cleaner and smarter way to travel in the future.

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Full-Scenario Intelligent Driving

*Air and Pro models are equipped with Li Auto AD Pro, which comes standard with high-speed navigation assisted driving.

Max models are equipped with Ideal AD Max, which comes standard with all-scenario intelligent driving.

High-speed NOA

High-speed Automatic Driving Assistance System

Autonomous Driving Comfort

High-speed NOA can realize automatic driving on the highway, including vehicle acceleration, deceleration, lane keeping and overtaking operations. This greatly reduces the driver’s fatigue during long-distance driving and provides a more comfortable driving experience.

Improve Driving Safety

The high-speed NOA system effectively reduces the risk of traffic accidents on highways through functions such as lane keeping, adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition. It can keep the vehicle in the lane more accurately and reduce driver errors.

Intelligent Overtaking

High-speed NOA can automatically perform overtaking operations and safely overtake the vehicle in front according to traffic conditions and speed. This helps reduce left lane occupation on highways and improve driving efficiency.

Real-time Traffic Information Updates

Highway NOA systems are often connected to real-time traffic information services to provide updates on road conditions, congestion and advisories. This enables drivers to make informed driving decisions.

Reduce the Risk of Collision

The high-speed NOA system monitors the surrounding environment through sensors and cameras, promptly identifies potential collision hazards, and takes measures to avoid collisions or reduce the severity of collisions.


Pioneer of Extended-range Electric Vehicles in China

*Standard quipment on all Li Auto L series models.

Extended Range Electric

Can be Oily or Electric, Ultra-long Battery Life Family Car

Enhanced Range

Vehicle cruising range is significantly increased. Users can continue driving after the battery is depleted, relying on the internal combustion engine to generate electricity, eliminating concerns about low battery power, especially when traveling long distances.

Environmental Protection, Energy Saving

Extended-range electric vehicles use pure electric power when the battery power is sufficient, thereby reducing exhaust emissions and carbon footprint. The internal combustion engine generates electricity when necessary, delivering electricity in a more efficient manner, thereby improving fuel efficiency.

Driving Experience

Extended-range electric vehicles typically provide a smooth, quiet pure electric driving experience, and the internal combustion engine can provide additional power when it starts, ensuring that the driver has enough power when needed.

Adaptable to Different Needs

This technology is suitable for a variety of uses, including urban commuting, long-distance travel and diverse driving needs. Users can switch between electric mode and extended range mode, choosing the most appropriate mode according to specific circumstances.

Full of Power

The dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive system still has plenty of power when traveling with a full load, low battery, and at high altitudes. In high-performance mode, when the remaining power is 20%, the acceleration performance of the Ideal L series model from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers is improved by more than 20%.

Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Maximum Power

Range-extended Electric Vehicles From China

Li Auto is China’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer, known for its technological excellence and commitment to sustainability. We cover the popular models of Li Auto, especially Li L7, Li L8 and Li L9.

Our company has established strategic cooperative relationships with well-known domestic automobile trading companies to provide customers with stable vehicle sources and excellent import and export services, ensuring that you can purchase smoothly.


In addition, Li L7, L8 and L9 represent the latest technology and luxury quality in the field of electric SUVs. Purchasing these models will allow you to own an environmentally friendly, high-performance, high-quality electric car that not only meets the needs of sustainable travel, but also provides an excellent driving experience.


In here, we strive to provide you with the best ideal car buying experience.

Reasons Why Li Auto is So Popular

Li Auto is committed to creating safer, more comfortable and more convenient smart electric vehicles for families, and creating a happy home for users.

Luxurious quality

Li Auto is regarded as a high-end electric vehicle brand, and its luxurious appearance and interior design attract family users who pursue quality and comfort.

Comfort and space

Family users usually need more seating space and storage space. Some models of Li Auto are designed with spacious interior spaces to meet the needs of family travel.


Li Auto invests heavily in safety technology and provides advanced driving assistance systems and safety features to ensure the safety of passengers.

Smart technology

Li Auto’s models are equipped with advanced smart interconnection technologies, including navigation, entertainment and remote control functions. These features enhance the convenience and fun of driving.

Superior performance

Some Li Auto models offer superior performance, including high acceleration and a smooth driving experience, which is an attraction for family users.

Low cost

Electric vehicles generally have lower operating costs because electric charging is cheaper than traditional fuel and maintenance costs are relatively low.

FAQs about Importing Li Auto Cars from China

What are the shipping costs and how to deal with customs duties when importing an Li Auto car from abroad?

Importing your Li Auto car from abroad usually involves shipping by sea or land, with the cost depending on the distance and mode of transportation. Duties and import taxes are calculated based on vehicle type and country of origin, and compliance documentation and tax payment are critical steps in processing.

Are documents and manuals available in English?

Li Auto usually provides documents and manuals in English. This is to meet the needs of international customers and enable them to more easily understand and operate their dream car

Can I customize my Li auto car with exclusive configurations?

Of course, you can customize your ideal car with exclusive configurations. Including body color, interior materials, vehicle features, wheel styles, etc. You can contact us to choose a custom configuration based on your individual needs.

How long will it take to get my Li auto car?

Import time depends on several factors, including vehicle model and configuration, shipping method, and customs clearance procedures. Typically, it takes approximately 4 to 8 weeks from order placement to delivery.

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