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On October 6, at the 2023 Geneva Motor Show (held in Qatar), KIA‘s medium and large pure electric SUV EV9 made its debut. Kia EV9 is built on the E-GMP pure electric platform. The new car will be launched in China in 2024.

In terms of appearance, the car largely inherits the design of the concept car. The special-shaped headlights on both sides combined with matrix light sources are very eye-catching, and also give the new car a certain sense of the future.

At the rear of the car, the shape of the taillights echoes the headlights and outlines the muscular feel of the rear.

For the interior, Kia EV9 uses a combination of low-saturation white and dark gray, with multiple gun gray chrome decorative parts, creating a simple and stylish visual effect overall.

A Kia official told the Korea Economic Daily that based on the pre-orders received so far, Kia expects the EV9 to be a conquering model.

He said: “60% of EV9 pre-orders came from private customers, 55% of which were new customers to the Kia brand. We are very pleased to see new demand for the flagship model, which has a high brand repurchase rate.”

He added: “We believe that EV9 will lead the Kia electric vehicle brand while opening up new market segments with its innovative products and premium pricing of flagship models.”

After seeing its exterior and interior, how would you rate this car that will be launched in China?

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