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The development of China’s automobile industry has gone through electrification in the first half and intelligence in the second half. Now the ultimate track – globalization is beginning to take shape. As the winner of many rounds of “car competitions”, on August 25, 2023, Zeekr Automobile once again ushered in another highlight moment in the history of brand development. 

Imported Zeekr Cars

On this day, the giant freighter carrying Zeekr 001 set off from Ningbo Port, carrying China’s dream of exporting high-end new energy vehicles to Europe and the world, and sailed to the Netherlands. The gears of destiny began to turn.

Extreme Zeekr speed, leading a prosperous new future for overseas expansion

According to data released by the Passenger Car Association, from January to July 2023, China’s new energy vehicle sales were 3.89 million units, a year-on-year increase of 32.5%; of which 636,000 were exported, a year-on-year increase of 1.5 times. In 2023, the Chinese market will still maintain a high sales growth rate based on a large base. At the same time, the opportunities created by global automobile electrification will open a new outlet for China’s new energy vehicle exports and drive a substantial growth in the export of new energy products. 

Imported Zeekr Cars

At the same time, in China’s domestic market, Zeekr’s performance is also very outstanding among many high-end new energy vehicle brands.

According to data released by Zeekr, in the first half of 2023, based on the average order amount of more than 336,000 yuan, Zeekr achieved a year-on-year growth of 124% in delivery volume. Under the premise that the product price overlaps with some models of luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Zeekr Automobile can still achieve good market performance, which fully demonstrates the recognition of the Zeekr brand in the automobile market.

In recent years, the extremely involution of the Chinese market has given Chinese consumers higher and higher standards for cars. To gain recognition in the Chinese market, Zeekr products certainly have the strength to be recognized by overseas users. 

Imported Zeekr Cars

In addition, in July 2023, Zeekr reached a new high with a delivery volume of 12,039 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 139.7%. It has achieved year-on-year double growth for 6 consecutive months. As of July 31, a total of 130,000 units have been delivered, performing in line with the “China Speed” Maintain a consistent “extreme Zeekr speed.”

On the basis that the “home base” Chinese market has been able to perform stably, as a brand that has always been good at seizing opportunities, Zeekr will naturally expand its territory by taking advantage of China’s new energy vehicles and enter the decisive track of “globalization” of Chinese brands. 

Imported Zeekr Cars

As the “mainstay” of Zeekr, Zeekr 001, which was the first to be exported overseas, was not only the fastest luxury car in the world to deliver over 100,000 units, but also made Zeekr the only Chinese luxury pure electric brand with a monthly delivery of over 10,000 units of a single model. On the occasion of exporting to Europe, the significance of Zeekr 001 to Zeekr has become even more important. It represents a key step in the globalization of Zeekr Automobile’s brand.

In fact, if we raise our horizons to a global perspective, the electrification era is like a newly developed game. Although it is full of uncertainties, it also makes the “competition” between car companies from different countries more fair, and the world stage is no longer It only belongs to those old brands with a century-old history, and new brands can also fully demonstrate their strength. However, at present, many Chinese brands are still limited to the domestic market. To some extent, Zeekr Automobile’s overseas expansion has a longer-term vision, leading a prosperous future where more high-end new energy brands will go overseas.

Based on a global perspective, enter Europe according to local conditions

As the birthplace of automobiles, the European market has an extremely mature market system. Driven by the global new energy wave, in addition to the traditional European luxury “powers”, there are also strong emerging brands such as Tesla. The competition situation is intricate and very complex. As a “new face” from China, how does Zeekr Automobile face the complex market environment?

Just like Chinese people eat rice as their staple food, while Europeans love to eat meat, eggs and milk. Each country and region has different cultural customs, habits and needs. The first step in exporting is naturally to respect local needs and customs and carry out transformation according to local conditions.

Imported Zeekr Cars

First of all, the Zeekr Global Design Center, composed of more than 400 members from nearly 30 different countries and regions, has given Zeekr products the inherent advantage of being able to cater to global aesthetics through cultural integration between different countries and regions.

In terms of a single product, Zeekr 001 has developed exclusive vehicle software for the European market and has European vehicle OTA capabilities. The vehicle supports 9 European languages, map navigation in 32 European countries, and is compatible with Youtube, which is commonly used by European users. Mainstream software, using this as a template, Zeekr’s future product exports will also undergo a more in-depth European transformation. 

Imported Zeekr Cars

In addition, the European version of Zeekr 001 also specifically cooperates with the European engineering R&D team to develop the dynamic adjustment and safety of the product to meet European standards. The safety attributes of Zeekr 001 going overseas this time comply with the ENCAP five-star requirements, complying with European five-star safety standards.

On the basis of products catering to the needs of European users, Zeekr also adheres to the brand direct sales model and follows the local characteristics of Europe to match the high-quality service ecology. In the future, it will continue to create exclusive overseas channel development and marketing, with different characteristics in different regions. The form of decision-making continues to take root in overseas markets. 

Imported Zeekr Cars

Of course, at any time and in any place, technology is always a trump card for the success of a brand.

Zeekr 001 is a model born from SEA’s vast architecture, which cost tens of billions to build. This architecture is based on hardware capabilities + system computing power + ecological synergy and the integration of hardware layer + system layer + ecological layer to break through the limitations of traditional car manufacturing.

Achieve full-size coverage from A-class cars to E-class cars. Based on the ultra-high flexibility of the SEA architecture, more ample space is reserved for Zeekr to develop global products, rejecting rigid copying, and adding unlimited possibilities to Zeekr’s export to the global market.

Use Europe as a springboard to export to the wider world

When you think of Europe, do you think of the fragrant tulips of the Netherlands or the quiet and peaceful St. Peter’s Church in Sweden? In fact, Europe, this vast land, not only has a culture as long and diverse as China’s, but facing the new era, Europe’s energy conservation and emission reduction policies are also becoming increasingly stringent like the Chinese market. Because of this, Europe’s new energy market also has unlimited possibilities. Among them, every brand is a competitor and promoter in the new energy market.

Imported Zeekr Cars

According to data released by the Passenger Car Association, in July 2023, China’s new energy vehicle retail penetration rate reached 36.1%, which is equivalent to the year-end level of 36% predicted by the Passenger Car Association. Looking at the entire European market, although the automobile electrification process among European countries is slightly different due to location factors, the overall market penetration rate of new energy vehicles in the European market is not lower than that of the Chinese market.

As early as 2021, the Netherlands and Sweden The new energy vehicle market penetration rate in countries such as China has exceeded 30%. In addition, the new energy vehicle market penetration rate in Norway and Germany has also remained at a high level. 

Imported Zeekr Cars

Previously, the ACEA European Automobile Manufacturers Association even predicted that the European new energy vehicle market penetration rate will reach 60% in 2030.

Focusing on the huge potential of the European new energy market, Zeekr has been preparing for its European strategy as early as 2 years ago. Based on the establishment of a dedicated Zeekr European sales company, Zeekr will launch sales in Sweden in Europe in the fourth quarter of this year.

Deliveries have started in 2 countries, including the Netherlands and the Netherlands. Using Sweden and the Netherlands as springboards, it will take the lead in focusing on developed European countries, planning to enter 6 countries in 2024 and 8 countries in 2025, and continue to deepen its participation in the development of the European new energy vehicle market.

Imported Zeekr Cars

In addition to the expansion of the European market, Zeekr’s continued expansion into the Middle East and East Asia is also in line with Zeekr’s continued expansion into the Middle East and East Asia. Zeekr has already established a distribution network with the Israeli United Group and reached cooperation with Kazakhstan’s ORBIS AUTO, which will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. New car pre-sales will be launched simultaneously every quarter. The layout and planning in many countries and places around the world will be like a spark. It is urgent to coordinate with each other at critical moments in the future to ignite a Zeekr fire in the world and let the world witness the birth, growth and rise of China’s global high-end luxury brands.

In the end

At present, Zeekr has officially taken the cruise ship of the new era out of the borders of the Chinese market, leveraging the east wind of global automobile electrification, and on the basis of “stability and progress” in the domestic market, representing China’s emerging car manufacturing forces, through The “adapted to local conditions” transformation joins the European luxury camp, which kicks off the continuous increase in the proportion of China’s high-end new energy brands in the global voice. This time, Zeekr’s goal is a broader sea of stars.

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