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IM Auto is a Chinese new energy vehicle brand jointly built by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba Group. Founded on December 25, 2020 and headquartered in Shanghai, IM Automobile has been working hard to become the world’s leading new energy vehicle manufacturer.

IM Auto hopes to promote the world’s transition to sustainable energy, and they believe that new energy vehicles are one of the important ways to achieve sustainable development. Therefore, IM Automobile is committed to developing and producing more advanced electric vehicles and contributing its share to promote the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

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IM Automobile
Medium and large SUV
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type rear drive
IM Automobile
medium and large car
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type rear drive

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Provide Smarter, Greener Way to Travel

IM Auto’s product lines include smart electric cars, SUVs and sports cars, all of which adopt the most advanced new energy technologies, such as battery technology, motor technology, electronic control technology, etc.

IM LS7 - Medium and Large SUV


106° IMAX Super Wide Field of View

The first three-layer silver-plated heat insulation technology; 99.99% UV isolation rate; Top grade gradient thermal insulation and sound insulation PVB.

Reconstruct the Cockpit

YAT cruise-type half-width steering wheel; Full-frame digital cockpit screen; A-pillar visual blindness compensation; Side and rear intelligent blindness compensation; Rear visual field intelligent blindness compensation.

Multidimensional Space

Zero-gravity floating seats, extra-long electric slide rails; Extra-wide rear seats; one-button electric folding.

High-performance Three-electric System

Brand new 100kWh high-voltage high-energy battery; EVD vector four-wheel drive technology; Ultra-high electric shaft power density; eTAC edge torque control technology.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

IM L7 - Medium Sedan


Pure⁺ Premium

The whole car has double-layer silent glass and sealing system; German leather seats; FSC certified Lake Como solid wood veneer

Extrasensory Interaction

DLP & ISC smart light language; Carlog billion-level pixel vehicle camera; IM OS multi-level unbounded intelligent interactive system.

IM AD Intelligent Driving System

12 ultrasonic radars; 11 high-definition perception cameras; 5 millimeter-level radars; 2 high-precision positioning units.

Replenish Energy

90kWh ultra-large capacity battery; 11kW charging power.

Super-sensory Driving Control

Four-wheel steering system; Magnesium alloy direct waterfall oil-cooled motor; Electronically controlled intelligent damping suspension; Pirelli high-performance tires.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

IM LS6 - Medium and Large SUV


Standard for All Series

Ultra-long-range high-precision lidar & NVIDIA Orin X chip.

Intelligent Cockpit

Full-frame digital cockpit screen; Full-range digital vision to compensate for blindness

All-star Chassis

Pirelli New Scorpion tires; Danfoss fully imported silicon carbide power modules; Tenneco’s Mono high-end shock absorbers; German Continental front four-piston integrated fixed calipers.

POPO Sofa Chair

Nappa perforated first-layer high-grade genuine leather; Aeroride zero-pressure sponge; Driver’s retractable thigh rest

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

IM Auto - Highly Automated Driving Enjoyment

IM Auto’s intelligent assisted driving system supports a variety of driving assistance functions, including full-speed adaptive cruise, line following, automatic avoidance, commanded lane changing, visual fusion parking, etc. Its L4 level autonomous driving capability. Under certain circumstances, vehicles can make decisions and perform operations automatically without human intervention. 


By collecting vehicle operation data and user driving behavior data, the system can conduct in-depth learning and training to continuously improve its autonomous driving capabilities and user experience.

IM’s Salient Features

IM Auto is a new energy vehicle brand with advanced technology and innovative concepts. It has applied a number of high-tech technologies to help vehicles achieve a more intelligent, safer and environmentally friendly driving experience.

Advanced driving assistance system

IM Auto uses artificial intelligence and sensor technology to achieve a highly automated driving experience. With the help of advanced driving assistance systems, Zhiji Auto can accurately perceive roads and obstacles and make intelligent driving decisions.

Innovative design and comfort

IM Automobile pays attention to details and humanization in the interior design. The spacious and comfortable seating space, well-arranged interior and technologically rich central control screen make riding in a Zhiji car a pleasure. Users can operate various functions such as navigation, music and in-car entertainment systems through touch and voice control, making the driving process more convenient and enjoyable.

Powerful power system and high efficiency and energy saving

IM Automobile pays attention to the concept of environmental protection and has made significant progress in the power system. Using advanced electric drive technology, IM Automobile not only has strong power output, but also improves energy efficiency. Low emissions and low fuel consumption make IM Auto the first choice for green travel today.

Comprehensive safety guarantee

IM Auto puts the safety of users first and is equipped with a number of safety guarantee systems. Technologies such as intelligent braking systems, active safety warnings, and adaptive cruise systems greatly reduce driving risks and provide comprehensive safety protection.

Leading technological configurations

IM Auto is also equipped with a number of technological configurations, such as smart electric seats, smart electric tailgates, smart fragrance systems, etc., to bring users a more comfortable and convenient car experience.

FAQs about Importing or Driving IM Cars from China

Can IM Cars be purchased and driven in my country?

IM Auto is an electric vehicle brand targeting the global market and has been sold in some overseas countries and regions. However, specific buying and driving regulations may vary from country to country. In some countries, specific importing and driving requirements may apply.

How much does a IM car cost?

The price of IM Auto varies according to different models and configurations. For specific car model prices, please contact the staff of GuangcaiCar to provide you with a detailed quotation.

How is the repair and after-sales service of IM Auto?

IM Auto provides comprehensive maintenance and after-sales services. In overseas markets, IM Auto has established an authorized dealer network and repair service centers to provide timely repair and maintenance services.

Does IM Auto meet local emission standards?

IM Auto meets local emission standards. During the design and production process, IM Auto adopts advanced emission control technologies and standards to ensure that the vehicle’s emission levels comply with local regulations. However, specific emission standards may vary from country to country.

Is IM Auto’s charging equipment compatible with the local power network?

IM Auto’s charging equipment is compatible with mainstream charging protocols and standards around the world and can adapt to the local power network. At the same time, IM Auto also provides charging equipment such as mobile charging vehicles to facilitate users to charge when they cannot find a charging pile.

Does IM Auto have safety measures?

IM Auto focuses on the research, development and improvement of safety performance. It uses a number of active safety technologies and passive safety configurations, such as intelligent braking systems, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, etc., to provide users with comprehensive safety protection.

How does the battery life of IM Car perform in cold weather?

IM Auto adopts advanced battery heating technology to maintain the temperature of the battery in cold environments, thereby ensuring that the battery power can be effectively used. In addition, IM Auto has also optimized the battery’s power detection and control system to better adapt to low-temperature environments.

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