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The International Auto Show currently being held in Tokyo, Japan. With the theme of shared mobility, Honda has successively unveiled Prologue SUV, self-driving vehicle Cruise Origin and other vehicles. However, I believe that what attracted more attention at the scene was a pure white Prelude coupe with a two-door design.

Honda Prelude-2

Honda Prelude is not a new name for the brand. In the 1970s, Honda used the Accord as the basis of the chassis platform for mid-size sedans under this name. Then a sizable two-door coupe stretches out. Engineers have incorporated contemporary novel technologies such as four-wheel transmission. Unfortunately, this car was officially discontinued in 2001.

Honda Prelude-3

Honda Prelude appearance

The front face of Honda Prelude certainly adopts an electrified nose shape. Under the Honda logo, there are unique headlight group designs on the left and right sides connected by thick Led light strips. To be honest, it actually has a family style like Toyota. I don’t know what kind of discussions there are between the two companies.

The flat nose is in line with the attitude of an electric sports car. The trapezoidal lower grille is filled with a black mesh, which effectively enhances the sense of movement.

On the side of the body, the new car has standard sports car lines. The fastback roof, centrally located cockpit, streamlined waistline, hidden door handles, black rearview mirrors, black wheels, large blue brake calipers and other elements are all present. It looks small, delicate and fashionable.

Honda Prelude-4

But so far, the official information released is still quite limited. And it is worth noting that this car was originally thought to be purely electric. However, according to the participating media, inquiries were made to on-site official personnel.

This car will be mass-produced and supplied in Hybrid petrol-electric format. But Honda has not revealed a word about the exact timetable or technical specifications.

Honda Prelude-5

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