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The design of HiPhi car combines the perfect balance of futuristic sense, technology and aesthetics, taking you into an unprecedented car experience journey. Every HiPhi car is a work of art, and every detail exudes the light of the future.

This is not only a visual enjoyment, but also a feeling of the future. It represents the next stage of the automotive industry, bringing an unprecedented driving experience and lifestyle. When you drive a HiPhi car, you’re not just driving, you’re driving the future.

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Design Concepts Originating from China

HiPhi sets its sights on the high-end luxury market, with highly technological and luxurious design and performance.


Promote the development of new energy vehicles in the direction of high-end and intelligence.

HiPhi X - Luxury Supercar SUV


Supercar SUV Styling

E-proportion has a new electric proportion and a 65-degree steep angle front windshield. 22-inch oversized tires, four-wheel drive and speed-adjustable air suspension.


Three hi-definition screens; 14-inch main driving display; 16.9-inch central control display; 19.9-inch passenger display.


Optional luxury airline-style rear seats; Reclining with adjustable footrests; 8-inch rear HD touchscreen; Smart refrigerator


17-speaker Meridian Audio system;  Customizable smart fragance system by Givaudan;  Personalizable interior light panels.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum orque
Drag Coefficient

HiPhi Z- Luxurious Pure Electric Supercar GT


Digital Mechanical Appearance

Flexible armor wheel hub assembly; digital aerodynamics kit; digital aerodynamics kit;

Starship Cockpit

Holographic phantom NAPPA leather; two-tone seats; comfortable space; galaxy light ambient light, light vector array ambient light; two-spoke steering wheel

Smart Entry and Exit

Electromagnetic NT double door, pure electric drive mechanism, with built-in electric closing and automatic opening and closing functions.

Intelligent Interaction

Second generation PML programmable smart headlights; side door ISD smart interactive lights; star ring ISD light curtain system;

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum orque
Drag Coefficient

HiPhi Y - Technology Luxury SUV


HiPhi Port Docking Station

It comes with a Type-C charging interface that supports portable disassembly and assembly. It can be connected to a tablet, install an action camera, set up a projector, place a reading lamp, etc.

HiPhi Pilot Intelligent Driving Assistance

It comes standard with 31 high-standard auxiliary driving hardware, which can provide lane departure warning and PA pilot assistance. Automatic emergency braking, autonomous lane changing, remote parking assistance and other functions.

Careful Protection

The entire vehicle is equipped with a total of 8 airbags, among which the large-size rear side airbags form effective side impact head protection for the reversely installed 0~3 child seat area.

Comfortable Driving

Adaptive four-wheel drive system; Front double wishbone and rear five-link independent suspension.

Maximum Cruising Range
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Shortest Braking Time Per 100km
Drag Coefficient

HiPhi Vehicles - Perfect Combination of Technology and Luxury

In the Chinese automobile market, luxury and high-end models have always been firmly dominated by foreign brands, and the emergence of HiPhi cars has broken this situation. HiPhi cars have gained a certain position in the market with their advanced technology, luxurious design and high-end configurations.


Its product line covers luxury electric SUVs and luxury pure electric supercar GTs to meet consumers’ needs for technology, luxury and performance. At the same time, HiPhi Automobile is also committed to promoting the development of the new energy vehicle industry and providing more high-quality new energy vehicle products.

This is Why Overseas Car Owners Favor HiPhi

HiPhi cars are equipped with many practical configurations such as 5G network, facial recognition, automatic lane change assistance, external discharge, front seat heating, ventilation and massage, heat pump air conditioning, and temperature zone control.

HiPhi Pilot intelligent driving assistance system

This is one of the key configurations of HiPhi cars. It provides comprehensive vehicle perception and driving assistance through millimeter wave radar, lidar, ultrasonic sensors, cameras, infrared and other sensing devices. These sensors can detect and track people and objects around the vehicle, helping the vehicle achieve adaptive cruise, automatic parking, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and other functions.

NT smart wing door

NT smart wing doors can open and close automatically, providing a convenient boarding and alighting experience. At the same time, it also has an anti-pinch function, which improves the safety of passengers.

Curved triple screen

The three screens are distributed in an orderly manner in front of the driver, which not only meets the needs of beauty, but also provides practical functions. The triple screen integrates navigation, entertainment, vehicle settings and other functions. The driver can conveniently realize various functions through voice or touch operations.

Streaming media interior rearview mirror

The camera collects images from behind the vehicle and displays them on the rearview mirror display in real time. In this way, the driver can observe the traffic conditions behind the car at any time during driving, which improves driving safety.

Luxurious interior

High-quality interior materials, luxurious seats and advanced entertainment systems provide car owners with a comfortable and luxurious driving experience.

Meridian™ British Treasure sound system

Built by the world-renowned audio brand Meridian™, it provides high-quality sound effects. This system includes multiple speakers and amplifiers distributed throughout the vehicle to provide a comprehensive audio experience.

Luxury package

Includes a heating and cooling smart refrigerator, a rear double-folding table, a smart fragrance system, etc., which further enhances the luxury feel of the vehicle.

FAQs about Importing or Driving HiPhi Cars from China

How to buy and import a HiPhi car?

You can browse our website first, and then contact our service staff to learn about the models and configurations and make reservations.

How to go through import procedures and registration?

Typically, import procedures include customs declarations, payment of duties and taxes, safety compliance inspections, etc. The registration process depends on the regulations of the destination country/region, and you need to follow the local requirements.

Do HiPhi cars support international charging standards?

Yes, HiPhi cars support multiple international charging standards, including CCS, CHAdeMO and Type 2, etc. You can charge according to the standard of the charging device.

Will corresponding HiPhi auto parts be provided?

Of course, we will provide each customer with auto parts export services for corresponding models to ensure that vehicle maintenance and after-sales service are not affected.

How to charge and maintain HiPhi electric car?

HiPhi electric vehicles can be charged through household power sources, charging piles or battery swapping stations. The charging time will vary depending on the vehicle’s cruising range and charging equipment. In terms of maintenance, depending on the vehicle model and mileage, components such as engine oil, engine filter, air filter, brake pads, tires, etc. need to be replaced.

How to properly start and shut down a HiPhi car

HiPhi cars can be started and shut down through smart keys or mobile apps. The smart key can automatically sense just by being close to the vehicle, and the mobile app requires a password to connect. To turn off the vehicle, simply press the off button on the center console or on the smart key.

How to operate HiPhi car’s driving assistance system?

The driving assistance system of HiPhi cars includes adaptive cruise, lane keeping, automatic parking and other functions. The adaptive cruise can adjust the vehicle speed through paddles or voice control, the lane keeping system can be activated through the dashboard or voice control, and the automatic parking system can be operated through the gear lever or voice control.

How to adjust the temperature inside the car and set up the air conditioning?

HiPhi cars can adjust the interior temperature and set the air conditioner through the touch screen or voice control on the center console. Adjust the temperature, wind speed, air outlet position, etc. through clicks or voice input. In addition, the vehicle’s automatic air conditioning system will automatically adjust based on the temperature and air quality inside the vehicle.

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