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With the development in recent years, Chinese brands have made great progress in the field of new energy. Many Chinese vehicle companies have also launched high-end flagship models. I’m going to talk about next is a representative product of China’s high-end electric flagship models, Hiphi X. Positioned as a pure electric mid-to-large SUV, let’s talk to you today about the product performance of Hiphi X? Is it worth buying it?

Hiphi x introduction

The entire HiPhi X series currently on sale is divided into five versions including 2021 and 2022 models to choose from, with an official guide price of 570,000-800,000 yuan.

This blog introduces to you the 2022 6-seat long-range version, with an official guide price of 570,000 yuan, equivalent to US$79,407.

Hiphi x introduction

In terms of appearance, HiPhi X adopts an avant-garde and individual styling concept. Although it is positioned as a medium to large SUV, it looks more like a cool and stylish supercar. The wide-body style front face profile, combined with the wrap-around headlight combination, creates a very impressive effect when lit.

Hiphi x introduction

The rear design of the car echoes the front face, without using too many alternative design elements. The solid and full rear shape gives a strong sense of strength. The large-sized through-type taillight combination, the lighting effect after lighting is also Cool enough.

Hiphi x introduction

As for the side of the body, HiPhi X also has a strong machine style. Whether it is the low overall layout or the blackened suspended roof with outstanding design aesthetics, it gives people a strong visual impact. Coupled with the vehicle length of 5200mm and wheelbase of 3150mm, it gives it a unique external aura.

Hiphi x introduction

In terms of interiors, HiPhi X has a strong sense of avant-garde technology. The 14.6-inch LCD instrument panel, 16.9-inch central control display and 19.9-inch entertainment screen in front of the passenger seat can be said to be a good explanation of what a virtual sci-fi cockpit is.

Of course, in addition to the excellent visual appearance, the car and machine functions are also top-notch and can realize multi-screen linkage, which undoubtedly improves the daily driving experience. In terms of configuration, it is no exaggeration to describe it as armed to the teeth. It is equipped with full-speed adaptive cruise, automatic parking, speed-dependent electric power steering, dual wide-angle cameras in the car, 17-speaker British Treasure audio, etc.

Hiphi x introduction

In terms of space, it uses a 2+2+2 6-seater layout, and the second row is equipped with two independent leather seats. In addition to the ample seating space, the ride comfort is no less than that of some high-end MPVs. It ensures that passengers in the second row have relatively spacious legroom, and sitting in the third row can also get a good riding experience. Whether it is for home travel or business reception, this HiPhi X can meet your needs very well.

Hiphi x introduction

In terms of hardware, HiPhi In actual driving, the power output is relatively strong, and the abundant reserves can be felt when speeding up in the later stages. High-speed driving can give the driver a very friendly experience. In terms of battery life, it is equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 94.3kWh, and a pure electric cruising range of 630km. In fast charging mode, it only takes 0.75 hours to charge from 0% to 80% of the battery.

Hiphi x introduction

Generally speaking, since its debut, HiPhi X has attracted the attention of many high-end consumer groups with its cool appearance. Through the above analysis of its product strength, it can be seen that the overall performance is still very good. If you are a young person who pursues individuality and has sufficient budget, you can consider HiPhi X.

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