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Just like when Great Wall WEY entered the independent luxury car market for the first time in the past, after completing multiple brand name changes and product series updates, WEY finally launched a flagship SUV: WEY Lanshan DHT-PHEV. Achieved a breakthrough at the sales level. And now, Great Wall WEY is about to complete a historic breakthrough.

This is historic not only for WEY, but also for the entire Great Wall Motor Group, because the first MPV in the history of the brand is coming, and this car will be The Gaoshan DHT-PHEV faces competition from different types of products such as Buick GL8 and Denza D9.

At the front of the car, the straight waterfall grille is very eye-catching. It adopts the long wrapping used in many coupes on the edge of the engine compartment. The three-dimensional folding straight waterfall forms a suspension-like effect on this structure. At the same time, the vehicle’s headlights remind us of Mercedes’ past designs.

The paired LED daytime running light strips are very soft, and the high and low beams are in a matrix layout. The high degree of integration with the grille makes it quite artistic. In addition, the chrome-plated surround of the longitudinal air guide will enter the bumper to form a metal front lip, which also provides a bit more protection against scratches when driving in various road conditions.

Coming to the side of the body, the length, width and height of Gaoshan DHT-PHEV reach 5045/1960/1900mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3085mm. This set of data actually has no advantage in the same level of market, especially when it is surpassed by Buick GL8 and Denza D9.

In the case of 5 meters 2, the gap is still quite obvious. However, the wheelbase of the vehicle is not far behind its rivals. The more complete chrome surround, straighter windows and waistline will make the business luxury expression more prominent.

At the rear of the car, we see a combined taillight made of a full three-dimensional structure. It forms a downward-opening U-shape around the rear windshield and tailgate pillar. The ravine on the inner edge of the opening will enhance its visual three-dimensionality and show its width. The vertical light strip of the lamp also has a sense of technology. In addition, the rear bumper also has a chrome surround, three-dimensional texture lining and rear fog lamps, while the tail throat adopts a hidden design.

In addition to the 27.0-inch conjoined LCD screen on the center console, Gaoshan DHT-PHEV also has a 15.0-inch W-HUD colorful head-up display and overhead streaming media rearview mirror, combined with a new generation of Coffee OS 2 smart cockpit system. Intelligent and interesting multi-screen linkage is realized in the entire cabin, and the Harman Kardon audio system with 16 speakers, interactive ambient lights, etc. will help the vehicle go further in multimedia entertainment. Of course, Alpine DHT-PHEV also supports L2+ assisted driving.

The cabin adopts a 2+2+3 layout, with the front cockpit, and its second row of seats equipped with 1845mm long floor slide rails, which also surround the third row of seats, allowing the rear two The row can realize more flexible and convenient adjustment, making the cockpit application better. In addition, the third row of the vehicle will be a special feature.

The user-friendly functions we have seen in some Japanese welfare vehicles in the past appear here. Although its seat cushions are relatively short, they can be lifted individually to access the third row. The second row provides more space for rearward adjustment or folding; at the same time, the entire third row can also be folded back 90° to form an outward-stretching seating space, providing additional support for outdoor resting and camping.

Gaoshan DHT-PHEV also provides many luxurious configuration features, such as a car refrigerator arranged under the second-row air-conditioning touch panel, independent leg rests/heating and ventilation/10-point massage functions of the second-row suspended zero-gravity seats. There are also double rows of rear sunshades, etc. Among them, the car refrigerator with a double-layer opening design also supports a 24-hour delayed heat preservation function after the vehicle is turned off.

In terms of power, Alpine DHT-PHEV has obtained a plug-in hybrid system based on a 1.5T engine and a front P1+P3/rear P4 motor on the exclusive platform of Great Wall New Energy’s high-end MPV. The transmission adopts a 2-speed The DHT special gearbox forms an electric four-wheel drive.

The entire system brings a comprehensive system power of 358kW and a comprehensive torque of 762N·m. This allows the vehicle to break 100km/h in 5.7 seconds, which is far superior to Tencent in terms of performance. Potential D9 DM-i. In addition, the vehicle can also achieve a comprehensive range of up to 1,200km, which also exceeds the 1,040km of the Denza D9 DM-i. The latter’s four-wheel drive version has a comprehensive range of 970km.

Among the chassis, the front axle of Gaoshan DHT-PHEV is a common MacPherson independent suspension, while the rear axle uses an all-aluminum five-link independent suspension. Its greater focus is on reducing unsprung mass through lightweighting. To optimize vibration filtering comfort, but due to the lack of variable suspension support, it may still be slightly inferior to competitors such as VOYAH Dreamer and Denza D9.

What can be seen is that Great Wall WEY Gaoshan DHT-PHEV has not gone too far. Whether it is the business luxury style design or the plug-in hybrid system it is equipped with, the vehicle does not surprise anyone. But to some extent, this also means that the innovative breakthroughs brought by vehicles are not many. Of course, the cockpit of Gaoshan DHT-PHEV is luxurious, and after absorbing some creative functions from Japanese MPVs, its usability and flexibility have also been greatly improved.

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