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ZEEKR 009 is the brand’s second car after 001. The mixed reviews on the Internet made me interested in it. According to the official statement, this is a luxury MPV comparable to a “large flat floor in the sky”. As for whether the official lied, how does the actual car look and use? Take a test drive~

ZEEKR 009 appearance-01


When everyone is complaining that MPVs are becoming more and more similar because they follow the design of Japanese cars, the unique front face of ZEEKR 009 indeed made enough heads turn during the test drive that day, and the last one What can arouse the interest of passers-by is the IM L7. However, the debate on the Internet is mostly because of it, followed by the price.

ZEEKR 009 appearance-02

You can call this car’s front end ugly, but you can’t deny the recognition it brings. The 154 LED beads on the grille can also interact with the car owner when unlocking. The sense of ritual necessary for high-end cars is clearly understood by ZEEKR 009.

ZEEKR 009 appearance-03

The headlights on both sides are perfectly integrated into the sheet metal when not lit, and the simple and technological shape does not steal the spotlight from the grille.

There is also an ingenious design on the front of the car that comes from the curved glass between the double A-pillars. Viewed from the front, the A-pillars are cleverly hidden, and the smooth transition also makes the entire car visually more high-end.

ZEEKR 009 appearance-04

Coming to the side, the huge size of ZEEKR 009 is reflected. Its length exceeds 5 meters, its width exceeds 2 meters, and its wheelbase reaches 3.205 meters. The advantages of the pure electric platform are combined with the long wheelbase, and the space inside the car should be There will be good performance.

ZEEKR 009 appearance-05

As a model equipped with air suspension, the ride height of ZEEKR 009 will be reduced to the level of a performance car after the engine is turned off. Everyone can see it clearly by using a mobile phone to gesture like this. The advantage of this is that it is more convenient for VIPs in the back row, children or people with limited legs and feet to get in and out of the car. Other cars require two steps, but this car only takes one step.

ZEEKR 009 appearance-06

The design of the rear of the car is slightly less exciting than the front of the car, but the through-type taillights placed on an MPV will make it look younger.

ZEEKR 009 appearance-07


The interior design of ZEEKR 009 has many shadows on 001. The light-colored interior atmosphere and excellent-feeling leather create the luxurious feel that this price range deserves.

ZEEKR 009 interior-01

The steering wheel feels good to hold, with a thick body and a full and delicate grip. The button layout is slightly different from that of ZEEKR 001. The main reason is that 009 lacks a HUD head-up display, but I heard that it will be added later.

ZEEKR 009 interior-02

The style of the instrument panel has been changed from the floating type on 001 to the embedded one. The quality is good and the UI design has not been significantly changed. All the necessary information is available and the arrangement is not cluttered.

ZEEKR 009 interior-03

The size of the central control screen reaches 15.4 inches. After being equipped with the 8155 chip, the smoothness of the system has been greatly improved. However, this engineering prototype still has small lags and lags. However, the commonly used functions inside can be controlled by voice. In fact, The impact is not big.

The front seats are very wide and extremely comfortable. When your legs first touch the soft side wings, you can feel the luxury of this car.

ZEEKR 009 interior-04

After you are fully seated, the wide seat surface and backrest of the entire chair allow every inch of skin on the legs and back to experience the softness of the full-grain Soft Nappa leather, which is officially called “dream sponge”. And the supportive padding underneath this layer of sponge.

ZEEKR 009 interior-05

In addition, the seats are also very rich in functions, including heating, ventilation, and massage. It seems that ZEEKR also hopes that the owner can drive this car himself instead of hiring a driver.

The two seats in the back row are also wide in shape. As the most important position in the entire car, the comfort is as good as the front row, and many humanized details are incorporated. Its small table is integrated into the seat. Compared with those designs that install the table on the back of the front seat, it is easier to use. If there are people sitting in the front, there is no need to accommodate the rear passengers.

ZEEKR 009 interior-06

The functional controls of the seats are also completed by physical metal buttons, which reduce the difficulty of learning with “illustrations and texts”. The reclining mode will automatically move the front seats forward to make room. The semi-reclining position combined with the seat massage function and extra-long leg drags is really a ceiling-level experience.

ZEEKR 009 interior-07

The air-conditioning temperature and window controls are integrated into the door panels, both in touch form. The adjustment accuracy of the latter is not high. If you want the windows to stop at a certain position accurately, it will take a while.

ZEEKR 009 interior-08

There is an openable screen on the roof of the car. Compared with the forward-looking gesture control of the Ideal L9, ZEEKR 009 still chooses to pick up the remote control, reducing the probability of misoperation.

ZEEKR 009 interior-09

Since the two seats in the second row are placed right next to each other, access to the third row can only be done from the side. But the 67cm aisle width makes it very easy to enter. Even if I am 188cm tall, there is no feeling of crowding.

ZEEKR 009 interior-10

In terms of space, if it can be coordinated with the second row, the experience will still be excellent. On the one hand, the material and filling of the third row seats have not shrunk and there is no bench feel; secondly, the third row can also lie down at a wide angle. Even lying flat, this is definitely a luxury configuration in the MPV field. Furthermore, thanks to the large rear window, sitting in the third row will not feel oppressive.

ZEEKR 009 interior-011
ZEEKR 009 space

As for the trunk, the performance under normal capacity is at the upper level of this class, and the capacity when folded down is even better. Since I don’t have that much luggage compartment, I won’t go into details here.

Driving experience

Both ZEEKR 009 and 001 are built based on SEA’s vast architecture, and many hardware are common, such as air suspension and CCD variable damping shock absorbers. The difference is that the rear body of 009 adopts an integrated rear body die-cast by a 7,200-ton die-casting machine, which is stronger. The torsional stiffness of the entire vehicle reaches 36,450 Nm/degree, which is less than 2% compared to this data. For Japanese cars, it is simply a dimensionality reduction blow.

ZEEKR 009 appearance-08

009 is equipped with two 200-kilowatt permanent magnet synchronous motors at the front and rear, and can accelerate from 0 to 100 seconds in only 4.5 seconds. With the support of a 140 kWh battery pack, its CLTC cruising range reaches a maximum of 822 kilometers. The excellent power offsets its curb weight of 3 tons, making it more comfortable when fully loaded.

Comfort and high-end are the best summary of its driving experience. When passing a speed bump, the vibration felt in the car is very gentle, both in the front row and in the rear row. The vibration filtering experience of the front and rear axles is almost the same, which shows the tuning skills.

ZEEKR 009 appearance-09

When the vehicle presses over the manhole cover on one side, there will be no obvious shaking of the vehicle body. The pitch control on undulating road surfaces is also relatively good, the shock absorber compression and rebound are crisp, and the few remaining small aftershocks will actually make you feel that the chassis is more sophisticated.

At high speed, the ZEEKR 009 feels more floating and stable than the 001, and its excellent sound insulation only deepens its favorable impression.

The steering feel is also quite delicate and the damping changes linearly with speed and angle. There is a certain false position in the front section of the brake pedal, which is consistent with the stable tonality of the MPV. After pressing deeply, the braking force is released in line with expectations.

ZEEKR 009 appearance-10

So, is it expensive?

Some cars are expensive because the “label” on them is valuable, while some cars are expensive because of their experience value. If we just talk about products, ZEEKR 009 can even be sold more expensively. But the fact is that the just-started ZEEKR 009 not only gives you a huge riding space, but also achieves comprehensive consideration in manufacturing, safety, luxury, power and intelligent experience.

So is it expensive? Not expensive at all!

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