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In terms of appearance, the new Geely Preface is overall calm and majestic. The front grille is decorated with a vertical grille, which is integrated with the Geely logo. The surrounding silver chrome trim strips add a sense of fashion. The headlights on both sides are Split design, equipped with LED light source, good lighting effect at night.

The side lines of the car body are smooth, and the petal-shaped rims have outstanding visual effects. The rear of the car is connected to the left and right by a chrome trim strip, which effectively widens the horizontal visual experience of the rear and also enhances the overall sense of hierarchy.

Equipped with 16-inch wheels, reversing radar, reversing image, cruise control, automatic parking, driver’s seat keyless entry, keyless start, 7-inch LCD instrument, imitation leather seats, electric driver’s seat adjustment, 10.25-inch central control screen, 8 speakers, LED automatic headlights, electric folding exterior mirrors, automatic air conditioning, main/passenger seat airbags, etc. The overall configuration performance is still sufficient for daily household use.

In terms of interior, the overall center console is simple and elegant, yet stable, and the large floating central control screen shows a good sense of technology. The materials and colors show a strong sense of luxury. The multi-function steering wheel is wrapped in genuine leather, which feels good to the touch. The interior panel also uses 3D streamer laser engraving design to highlight a unique aesthetic.

In terms of power, Geely Preface is built based on the CMA architecture and is equipped with a 2.0TD turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 190 horsepower and a peak torque of 300 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. This power system performs well. The power response is relatively timely, the start is smooth, and there is no frustration in acceleration.

The basic configuration of the 2023 2.0T luxury model is relatively satisfactory. The auxiliary driving facilities are equipped with front/rear parking radar, reversing image and cruise control; the comfort functions support panoramic sunroof, rear seat air outlets, temperature zone control and other facilities. Overall, this 2023 2.0T luxury model can meet the needs of daily use and is a cost-effective model.

Overall, Geely Preface is a standard compact family car, which is fully suitable for home use. In fact, the lowest configuration performs well. If you are interested in this car, you can pay attention to it.

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