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China’s SUV market saw a bumper harvest in October, with Chinese auto brands performing particularly brightly. Among the top 10 sellers, seven models came from Chinese independent brands, showing the strength of the Chinese auto industry in the SUV segment.

The rise of new energy vehicles was particularly evident this month. Among the top three sellers, the Yuan PLUS, AION Y and Song PLUS DM-i are all electric or plug-in hybrid models, showing that consumer recognition of new energy vehicles is growing.

BYD Yuan plus 2023 Champion Edition 510KM Excellent Type appearance-1-1

What’s so great about electric cars

Pure electric models are a very economical and cost-effective choice for family users. These models have a low cost for daily use and relatively flexible charging times, making them ideal for use in the city. Plug-in hybrids, on the other hand, are more suitable for users who need to make frequent long-distance drives, or for owners who use them for commercial operations. These models can rely on the internal combustion engine to continue driving after the battery is depleted, making them suitable for long-distance travel needs.


Meanwhile, fuel-powered SUVs are gradually losing market share to new energy vehicles. Haval H6, Changan CS75 PLUS, Honda CR-V, Toyota FRONTLANDER and Geely Xingyue L, which are the top five sales of fuel-powered SUVs in this period, are facing competition and pressure from new-energy vehicles, although these models still have some market demand.


How joint venture brands respond to Chinese SUV

Joint venture brands are also actively responding to market changes and have begun to accelerate the launch of their EV product lines and compete for market share through price wars. Take Honda CR-V for example, the guide price of the car is between 185,900-263,900 yuan, and the average discount can be up to 28,000 yuan, reducing the purchase threshold price to below 146,000 yuan, which is comparable to the price of mainstream models such as Geely Xing Yue L.

Overall, the change in China’s SUV sales ranking reveals a new trend in the auto market. The rise of new energy vehicles has not only changed consumers’ car-buying preferences, but also driven the transformation of the entire auto industry. In this transformation process, each brand is actively responding and trying to improve product competitiveness. For consumers, this means more choices and more competitive prices, as well as the need to be more rational and make informed purchasing decisions based on their individual car needs. The future of the automotive market is full of variables, so let’s wait and see how the industry continues to innovate and develop.

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