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New energy and intelligence for pickup trucks are the current general direction of China’s pickup truck market. At this point, it can be said that the Chinese market has formed some barriers. At present, many car companies have built their own moats with configuration, technology and other technologies. The Changan Hunter’s information exposed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is shocking. As China’s first extended-range plug-in hybrid pickup truck, the current success of the extended-range hybrid in the passenger car field may be copied by the Changan Hunter in the pickup field.

Changan pickup truck-1

Judging from the basic information, the Changan Hunter is an extended-range pickup truck. Extended-range vehicles have little development outside China, but they are developing very well in China. It is a significant branch of new energy vehicles. As the first to make a profit, Changan Automobile introduced range-extending technology to the pickup truck industry for the first time.

Changan pickup truck-2

Changan extended-range pickup truck Hunter

The new car may be named Hunter and available in four-wheel drive/two-wheel drive, multi-link/leaf spring and other versions. One of the most significant benefits of this hybrid system is the reduction in fuel consumption. The new car’s fuel consumption declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is only 1.3L/100KM, which can significantly reduce the cost of using the car. External charging is allowed so that short-distance vehicles can run on pure electricity.

Changan pickup truck-3

All series are equipped with Blue Whale Power 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 140kW. And install a motor with a maximum power of 130kW. In addition, the four-wheel drive version is also equipped with a front-wheel drive motor with a maximum power of 70kW. The comprehensive system power exceeds 200kW, and the acceleration time from 100 kilometres to 100 kilometres is within 7.9 seconds.

Changan pickup truck-4

Plateau test

Judging from the exposed plateau test photos, Changan has already conducted long-distance tests in plateau energy replenishment, off-road, highway, etc. It is worth mentioning that traditional fuel pickup trucks will inevitably suffer from problems such as reduced power and increased fuel consumption in the thin-air environment of the plateau.

Changan pickup truck-5

These shortcomings of traditional models are no longer a problem in the face of extended-range pickup trucks. The motor’s high torque and fast response will greatly improve the dynamic performance of this pickup truck. At the same time, the 2.0T Blue Whale range extender has been working in the optimal speed range. Therefore, the fuel consumption and driving energy replenishment efficiency performance are also worth looking forward to.

Changan pickup truck-6

Changan’s range-extended powertrain in the passenger car field is already very mature. The expansion of technology to the pickup truck field this time is a key step further to promote the new energy and intelligence of pickup trucks. It is believed that after solving the problems of battery life, fuel consumption, power, etc., Changan Hunter Pickup will further lower the threshold for pickup trucks to enter the family and passenger fields.

Changan pickup truck-7

Something more

It is worth mentioning that the extended-range hybrid currently solves the problem of range anxiety very well. This is crucial for pickup truck users. At the same time, the Hunter pickup truck will also have the capability of high-power external discharge, which will further enrich outdoor vehicle scenarios while expanding the boundaries of appearance.

Changan pickup truck-8

New energy and the electrification of pickup trucks are the absolute central theme of future development. At this point, Changan Hunter Pickup is not only a cutting-edge pickup product in China but also globally. It will play a very positive role in promoting the expansion and passengerization of China’s pickup truck market. The Hunter pickup truck is expected to be launched at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 17. Will it be your choice?

Changan pickup truck-9

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