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Chery Automobile, like an old friend who understands your needs well, is always committed to building a vehicle that suits your needs. It understands your love for driving, your desire for travel, and your pursuit of technological progress.

Chery Automobile is not only a car brand, but also a team that constantly pursues innovation and challenges itself to meet your driving needs and expectations. It always adheres to strict quality control, from vehicle production to final delivery, full of attention to detail and in-depth understanding of your needs.

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Chery New Energy
Type of Energy pure electric Transmission Description Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Drive Type rear wheel drive
Chery Automobile
mid-size SUV
Type of Energy gasoline Transmission Description 7 speed dual clutch Drive Type front drive
Chery Automobile
mid-size SUV
Type of Energy plug-in hybrid Transmission Description 3-speed DHT Drive Type front drive
Chery Automobile
mid-size SUV
Type of Energy plug-in hybrid Transmission Description 3-speed DHT Drive Type front drive
Chery Automobile
mid-size SUV
Type of Energy gasoline Transmission Description 7 speed dual clutch Drive Type front drive
Chery Automobile
mid-size SUV
Type of Energy gasoline Transmission Description 7 speed dual clutch Drive Type front drive
Chery Automobile
mid-size SUV
Type of Energy gasoline Transmission Description 6-speed wet dual-clutch Drive Type front drive
Chery Automobile
Compact SUV
Type of Energy gasoline Transmission Description CVT continuously variable transmission (simulated 9-speed) Drive Type front drive
Chery Automobile
small SUV
Type of Energy gasoline Transmission Description 5 speed manual Drive Type front drive

Explore the Models of CHERY

Chery automobile series

Life Partner

You will have a loyal companion that can not only meet your daily travel needs, but also add fun to your life. Whether you are a young person seeking the excitement of driving or a mature person looking for a stable and reliable way to travel, Chery Automobile can meet your needs.

CHERY Tiggo9 - Medium SUV

Chery Tiggo9

Comfortable Drive

CDC magnetic suspension, millisecond-level response adjustment; L2.9 intelligent driving assistance, high-speed cruise.

Power System

Kunpeng Power 400T; Aisin 8AT; Full-scenario intelligent four-wheel drive.

Comfort Configuration

540° three-dimensional super-sensing air-conditioning system; 24.6-inch ultra-smart silky true curved screen; 256-color waterfall-style ambient light; 0-gravity super-sensing co-pilot; C-PURE green cockpit; extra-large quiet space.

Global Security

360° surrounding 10 airbag protection.
Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

CHERY Tiggo8 - Medium SUV

Chery Tiggo8

Golden Power

1.5T+6DCT golden power combination engine, up to 37.1% thermal efficiency, the world’s top power system supplier.

Flexible Space

5+2 seats, super large flexible space. Super large 1930L trunk space, 2710mm super long wheelbase.

Five Star Safety

C-NCAP five-star safety rating, 6 airbags for all staff.

Intelligent Technology

10.25-inch ultra-clear touch capacitive central control screen.
Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

CHERY Tiggo8 Pro - Medium SUV

Chery Tiggo8 Pro

8155 Technology Cockpit

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 smart chip, equipped with 10 champion technologies, makes human-vehicle interaction easier.

Intelligent Configuration

Gravity-free Queen’s fitness car; L2.5 level intelligent driving assistance; 24.6-inch surround screen; 50W mobile phone wireless charging; SONY luxury 8 speakers.

Flagship Power

Full-scene intelligent control four-wheel drive system, the rear axle obtains a maximum torque of 3000N·m.

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

CHERY Tiggo7 Plus - Compact SUV

Chery Tiggo7 Plus

Power Benchmark

1.5TGDI fourth generation, Miller cycle technology; Getrag 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, transmission efficiency as high as 96%.

Cockpit Benchmark

24.6-inch curved immersive surround screen; LION 5.0 Zhiyun interactive technology; Front electric seats with ventilation/heating; 8-speaker SONY customized luxury audio; Fragrance diffusion system.

Trend Benchmark

Blade front grille; Osmo LED headlights; Skydome suspended roof; Through-type LED taillights; Mulan red trendy interior; Crystal diamond gear handle design; Integrated sports seats.

Safety Benchmark

360° bird’s-eye view panoramic ultra-clear reversing image; L2 intelligent driving assistance; Cage body structure; 6 surrounding airbags.

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

CHERY Tiggo5X - Small SUV

Chery Tiggo5X

Driving Quality

20.5-inch super smart dual screen; Zhiyun interactive system; 360° bird’s-eye view ultra-clear panoramic image.

Extra Large Space

Humanized use space; 4358mm length, 1830mm width, 2630mm wheelbase.


Integrated cage body; Ring-shaped body structure; Steel frame strength greatly improved.

Power Quality

1.5L+9-speed CVT, vehicle starting acceleration increased by 10%; 1.5TCI+9-speed CVT, platinum power combination.

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

CHERY Arrizo8 - Compact Sedan

Chery Arrizo8

Smart Cockpit

Global NCAP five-star safety standard design; unique 10 airbags in its class; L2.5 level intelligent driving assistance function; 360° high-definition panoramic image; Large panoramic sunroof; SONY brand audio; Colorful ambient lighting; 24.6-inch floating dual screen+ Lion 5.0 AI technology smart cockpit.

Aesthetics of Appearance

Luxurious wide-body body; Drilled front grille; Flowing fastback shape; Multi-function steering wheel + yacht-style electronic gear lever; Through-type air outlet on the instrument panel.

Driving Control

Standard EPS+EPB+Autohold to meet a variety of driving needs.


Carefully tuned by senior chassis experts; Kunpeng Power 1.6TGDI high-efficiency 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission.

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Drag Coefficient

Chery Automobile - No. 1 in China's Exports for 20 Consecutive Years

It has ranked first in exports of Chinese brand passenger cars for 20 consecutive years. Chery Automobile began its global industrial layout after 2000, covering more than 80 countries and regional markets, with more than 1,500 overseas sales and service networks and 16 production bases. It has exported more than 2.6 million vehicles and applied for more than 26,000 patents, ranking at the forefront of China’s automobile industry.


Chery cars are relatively affordable and a good choice for consumers with limited budgets. Chery Automobile also provides comprehensive after-sales service and warranty policies to give consumers more peace of mind during use. If you want to import cost-effective cars and capture a share of the local market, then Chery Automobile is definitely a good choice.

Understand the Four Core Technology Areas of Chery Automobile

Facing the new, breaking down technical barriers, in the fields of new energy, intelligence, vehicle manufacturing platforms, power, etc., Sunac reaches a new peak in automotive technology and leads the industry’s all-dimensional evolution.

Kunpeng Power

Chery Kunpeng Power includes all-field professional power solutions for future mainstream power forms, covering five core technologies: engine, hybrid box, electric drive, battery, and hydrogen energy. It will continue to bring customers benefits in terms of energy consumption, endurance, and acceleration performance. Come for a wonderful experience.

Excellent performance

The Jetta is equipped with advanced engine and chassis technology, and has excellent power performance and handling. Whether on city roads or on the highway, the Jetta delivers a smooth and fast driving experience.

Mars Architecture

Chery’s Mars architecture, which includes two core technologies of physical platform architecture and EEA electronic and electrical architecture, is a newly developed high-end intelligent electric platform for the new four modernizations. It brings new experiences to users from multiple dimensions such as high computing power, high security, high reliability, scalability, personalization, and ecological openness.

Lion Intelligence

Chery Lion Intelligent includes two core technologies: intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving, covering five major business sectors: Lion Intelligent Driving, Lion Intelligent Cloud, Lion Intelligent Winning, Lion Intelligent Manufacturing and Lion Intelligent Travel, bringing more complete services to users. driving and cockpit sensory experience.

Galaxy Ecology

Chery Galaxy Ecosystem includes four core technologies: smart cloud platform, smart data, smart upgrades, and ecological partners. Relying on Internet technology, focusing on user experience, from the perspective of ecological technology, it enables all-round evolution of automobile travel scenarios, and also uses humanized smart technology to redefine new smart travel experiences in the future.

FAQs about Importing or Driving Chery Cars from China

I am worried about importing Chery cars from China because I have no precedent of importing cars from China.

Although you have no precedent of importing cars from China, you can leave a message to the sales staff of GuangcaiCar and we will give you the most comprehensive suggestions and services. In addition, you can request detailed vehicle specifications, technical parameters and relevant certificates from Chery Automobile to ensure that the vehicle you purchase meets your needs and expectations.

How do I choose the right Chery model and configuration for my local market?

You can consider the climate or terrain in your area and choose the appropriate model and configuration based on market demand. You can also refer to Chery Auto’s official website or consult GuangcaiCar’s sales staff to help you make a decision.

How are import procedures and related documents handled?

You can rest assured that GuangcaiCar is very familiar with the car import and export process and will provide you with the required documents and certificates to help you complete customs clearance procedures.

How to determine vehicle quality and reliability?

We can provide Chery Automobile’s complete vehicle quality inspection report and maintenance records to help you evaluate the quality and reliability of your vehicle. You can also go directly to Guangdong, China for an on-site inspection to personally check the condition and performance of the vehicle. We welcome you.

I don't know how to determine if the price of a vehicle is reasonable.

You can refer to Chery Automobile’s price list and market conditions to compare the price differences of different models and configurations. Please believe that GuangcaiCar will provide you with the best price on the market.

What should I do if I encounter a language barrier in China?

You can seek professional translation services to help you solve language problems. They can provide you with the necessary translation support and communication assistance to ensure you complete the entire import process smoothly.

How to evaluate transportation and logistics costs?

Transportation and logistics options usually determine whether to ship by sea or land based on the region of the country where you are located, which requires evaluating different fees and time costs based on different options. You can contact GuuangcaiCar’s sales staff now to inform you of the model and quantity you want to purchase. We will give you a quote as soon as possible.

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