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Logically speaking, for the same series of models named with numbers, the larger the number, the higher the level and the larger the size. I believe most consumers think so, but there are always exceptions. For example, the Audi Q6 is a medium-to-large SUV.

Judging from the naming method, its body size should be between the Audi Q5 and the Audi Q7, but After understanding it, everyone will find that the Audi Q6 does not follow common sense. There are Q7 and Q8 that are positioned higher than it, but it is an SUV with the longest length, width and height. In other words, consumers can buy a larger model at a lower price, which is still a good deal when you think about it.

In terms of appearance design, Audi Q6 launches two packages: Yulin version and Feiqi version. They are similar to the luxury version and sports version. The difference between the two sets of design languages is mainly in the front grille. The surface of the Yulin version is neatly arranged with chrome trim strips in groups of two, which looks simple and elegant. The flying version has arrow-feather-shaped decorative strips on the surface, plus some blackened kits, making it more sporty.

As for the shape of the headlights, they are the same. The through-type light strips connect the sharp light groups together. The interior of the light cavity is inlaid with feather-shaped light strips, which are highly recognizable when lit. The far and near headlights below are embellished with chrome-plated metal, and a large number of metal elements are used to enhance the sophistication of the front face.

The through-type taillights are also unconventional. The internal light strips echo the headlights and are highly recognizable when lit. The high-mounted brake light is integrated into the upper guide channel. When it is lit, a “quattro” word will be mapped below, which virtually enhances the sense of luxury. The length, width and height of the Audi Q6 are 5099mm, 2014mm and 1784mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2980mm, which is a circle larger than the Audi Q7.

The excellent body size gives it the sense of volume it deserves. You can feel this better when standing on the side of the car, and it looks very much like a station wagon. For business people, you can consider the Yulin version, but for consumers who like a sporty atmosphere, you can choose the Flying Edition.

As for the interior design, there is nothing new in the Audi Q6, and Audi’s iconic three large screens are not absent either. The central control screen and the lower functional area are tilted towards the driver’s side. The layout design of all functional areas is very conventional. The interior materials are solid and kind, in line with the standards of a luxury SUV.

The configurations of different models will be different, but there will be no shortage of configurations. The Feiqi version is equipped with front sports integrated seats, which are relatively supportive of the human body, but the comfort is average and the internal filling is on the hard side. The car adopts two layout designs of six and seven seats.

The space performance of the second row is not bad. If it is a seven-seater model, the second row will be equipped with three seats, which will affect its riding comfort to a certain extent. The seat in the middle position not only has a short seat cushion, but also has a hard backrest, making it more suitable for temporary sitting. If consumers have no immediate need for seven seats, it is better to choose five seats, which is more practical.

As for the third row, it also meets the space performance that a seven-seat SUV should have. It is fine for children, but it is inevitably a bit frustrating for adults. Open the trunk, and a neat and spacious space appears in front of you. There is a non-full-size spare tire under the floor. The third-row seats can be folded down with a slight pull, forming a flat space with the trunk, making it easy to move temporarily.

In terms of power, the Audi Q6 is equipped with two engines, 2.0T and 2.5T. The 2.0T is divided into high and low power versions, with maximum horsepower of 231Ps and 265Ps respectively. The maximum horsepower of the 2.5T model is 299Ps. For most consumers, just choose the 2.0T high-power version. Power is available at any time, which is in line with the psychological expectations of most consumers.

With different driving modes, the steering strength of the steering wheel, chassis, etc. will be adjusted accordingly, and the difference is still obvious. However, the overall adjustment is still focused on calmness and comfort, which can effectively filter out small bumps on the road.

After understanding the product strength of Audi Q6, let’s look at its price. The price of 467,600-630,600 yuan is undoubtedly unaffordable for most consumers. Such a price definitely contains a certain brand value. Among models at this price, consumers actually have a wide range of choices.

Judging from the sales results, it seems that everyone’s acceptance of it is not very high. In the eyes of many consumers, the Audi Q6 seems to be a “special car”. Therefore, compared with other SUVs under the brand, the existence of the Audi Q6 The feeling has never been strong.

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