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Changan Automobile is one of the representatives of China’s automobile industry. Headquartered in Chongqing, it is one of the important manufacturers of Chinese automobile brands. Changan Automobile’s product line covers a variety of models such as sedans, SUVs, and MPVs, and it also has strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities in areas such as engines, gearboxes, and chassis.

It has successively established cooperation with Changan Suzuki, Changan Ford, Jiangling Holdings, Changan Mazda, etc., imported Chinese brand products to foreign-funded enterprises, and established a new model of joint venture cooperation between Chinese automobile companies.

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Changan Automobile
Compact car
Type of Energy petrol Transmission Description 8-speed manual integration Drive Type Front drive
Changan Automobile
Compact SUV
Type of Energy petrol Transmission Description 7-speed dual clutch Drive Type Front drive
Changan Automobile
Compact SUV
Type of Energy petrol Transmission Description 8-speed manual integration Drive Type Front drive

Explore the Models of CHANGAN

Diversified Choices for The Future

Changan Automobile has a very rich product line that can meet the needs of different consumers. Whether you are looking for daily transportation or the comfort of family travel, Changan Automobile has a model that suits you.


Each model is carefully designed and engineered to ensure the best possible driving experience and comfort.


Changan CS75 Plus

Charming Design

Star grille; Crystal pulse headlights; Streamer energy taillights; 19-inch star-shaped wheels; Sports integrated seats; 8.1° curved dual screens.

Strong Silky Power

Blue Whale 2.0T high-pressure direct injection engine; Love 8-speed manual transmission; Normal/ECO/Sport/Custom, four driving modes.

Intelligent Technology

Intelligent W-HUD head-up display; IMS intelligent interaction system; Multi-scenario voice interaction to achieve in-car control; Equipped with intelligent cloud control system.

Safe Care

IACC full-speed intelligent cruise system; Panoramic image high-definition surround-view driving recorder; BOSCH 9.3 generation electronic stability braking system; AEB intelligent emergency braking assist system; LDW lane departure warning.

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Maximum Power

CHANGAN UNI-V - Compact Sedan

Powerful Power

Blue Whale’s new generation 2.0T high-pressure direct injection engine; Aisin 8-speed automated manual transmission; Blast sports package; Exclusive sports cockpit design.

Future Aesthetics

Fastback x electric rear wing; Hidden smart welcome door handle; Quantum tunnel taillight; Electric liftgate; 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels; APA6.0 remote smart parking.

Security guard

Ark cage safety body; High-definition panoramic imaging system; Third-generation ESC body stability control system; 6 airbags standard on all series; Five driving modes.

Enjoy the ride

Super race track mode; Double D-shaped sports steering wheel; Continental MC6 high-performance sports tires; Dynamic torque vector control.

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Maximum Power


Changan UNI-K

Advanced Styling

Borderless air intake grille; Star battleship-style headlights; Trident daytime running lights.

Super Cool Features

Blue Whale D-2.0T high-pressure direct injection engine; Love 8AT transmission; BorgWarner NexTrac four-wheel drive system; APA6.0 remote intelligent parking.

Super Cabin

Comfortable zero-gravity seats; 2890mm ultra-long wheelbase, large flat rear space; 67-inch ultra-large panoramic sunroof.

Interactive Technology

Nanny-level child interaction mode; IMS intelligent cockpit interaction system; AR enhanced real-life instrument navigation.

Security Guard

IACC integrated adaptive cruise system; Forward warning auxiliary braking system; Cabin environment safety system.

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Maximum Power


Changan UNIT

Borderless Design

Multi-dimensional three-dimensional dot grille; High-quality titanium silver side skirts; Multi-spoke rhythmic rims; Hidden door handles.

Textured Interior

Brand new wrap-around integrated interior; Integrated sports seats; Suspended gear shift design; Extra large panoramic canopy.

Smart Cockpit

Integrated curved screen, equipped with Qualcomm 7nm process 8155 chip; Multi-mode full-time wake-up-free; New domain control platform CIIA1.0+; Intelligent 3D car control.

Safety and Health

All series come standard with ICAA; 360° high-definition panoramic images; Superior airbag technology; Intelligent health management system.

Personalized Suit

Interstellar sports kit; 64-color LED stylish lighting set; Exclusive fashionable and fun cockpit design.

Maximum Speed
Fastest 100km Acceleration Time
Maximum Torque
Maximum Power

Changan Automobile - A Cost-effective Choice of Car Brands

Affordable Price: Changan Automobile’s price is relatively reasonable, and compared with cars of the same level, its price is relatively affordable. Consumers can buy models with good quality and excellent performance within their budget.

Good Performance: Despite its affordable price, Changan Automobile does not compromise on performance. Its models generally have good power performance, driving stability and fuel economy.

Rich Configurations: Changan Automobile is very rich in configurations. Many models are equipped with advanced safety functions and intelligent technologies, such as automatic driving assistance systems, reversing radars, reversing images, etc., which improve the convenience and safety of driving.

Brand Credibility: Changan Automobile, as a long-established enterprise in China’s automobile industry, has good brand credibility and reputation.

R&D Strength: Changan Automobile has invested a lot of money in R&D and has strong technical strength and innovation capabilities.

Changan Automobile’s Five Self-developed Technologies

Changan Automobile hopes to transform into an intelligent and low-carbon travel technology company by focusing on software, smart technology, and low carbon. To this end, Changan Company plans to invest an overall 150 billion yuan and make precise efforts in five dimensions.

New energy

Changan Automobile has a number of technologies in the field of new energy, including battery technology, motor technology, electronic control technology, etc. These technologies are applied to Changan Automobile’s pure electric models and hybrid models, improving the vehicle’s endurance and performance.

Intelligent driving

Changan Automobile has also made many breakthroughs in the field of intelligent driving, including automatic driving assistance systems, intelligent parking systems, etc.

Internet of Vehicles

Changan Automobile also applies Internet of Vehicles technology to connect vehicles to the Internet, making vehicles intelligent and Internet-based. Through Internet of Vehicles technology, drivers can remotely control vehicles, check vehicle status, obtain vehicle maintenance tips, etc.


Changan Automobile has also made many achievements in the field of lightweight. By using high-strength materials and optimizing structural design, it has reduced the weight of vehicles and improved its fuel economy and performance.

FAQs about Importing or Driving CHANGAN Cars from China

What procedures are required to import Changan cars?

Importing Changan cars requires a series of procedures, including import license, customs declaration, inspection and quarantine, tax payment, etc. GuangcaiCar can help you handle the relevant procedures.

Does the price of imported Changan cars include freight and insurance?

The price of imported Changan cars usually does not include freight and insurance. These charges may be additional and the exact amount depends on the shipping method and insurance policies in different regions and countries.

Do I need to pay additional taxes or fees when importing Changan cars?

Importing Changan cars may require you to pay additional taxes or fees, including import tax, value-added tax, consumption tax, etc. These fees can be determined at the time of customs declaration or tax payment.

What is the delivery time for imported Changan cars?

The delivery time of imported Changan cars depends on the transportation method and customs clearance speed. Generally speaking, it takes anywhere from several weeks to several months from order confirmation to delivery.

Does the imported Changan Automobile have sample cars available for test driving?

If you are purchasing in large quantities, it is recommended that you go to GuangcaiCar for a personal test drive to experience the driving performance of Changan Automobile.

What is the level of assisted driving provided by Changan Automobile?

All Changan Automobile series are equipped with L2-level intelligent assisted driving systems as standard, which has a high technical level in realizing autonomous driving on structured roads. At the same time, Changan Automobile is also continuously carrying out technology upgrades and product research and development, and will launch products equipped with L4 autonomous driving technology in the future.

Does Changan Automobile have a four-wheel drive system?

Changan Automobile has models equipped with four-wheel drive systems. For example, the Changan CS75 has a four-wheel drive version, which adopts a front-wheel drive mode. The four-wheel drive mode is timely four-wheel drive, and the central differential is a multi-plate clutch.

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